I guess you heard my head turned brown
I lost several pounds and just look terrible
This marriage of black and yellow never looked good on paper
His mother was a secretary, I think
Her father a rapist
I\'m a little pressed for time and facts
But I know (I know)
It\'s those personal acts
Those personal acts
That cut through the crap

I heard they were dismembering people down the street
Those Joneses, you gotta love \'em!
Various disguises are regrettable but necessary
If you\'re gonna make it through the day

Everyday Everyday
Everyday I start to ooze X2

A bold plan drawn up by assholes to screw morons, you gotta love em!
News at eleven, but first
A long serious look at what\'s seeping from open sore
Perhaps you should STOP PICKING AT IT!
I never felt so alone
I never felt so used
I never felt so... excited!
It was those personal acts
Those personal acts
That cut up the crap and served it for breakfast

My mom phoned up the police today
Just to say \"Hello!\" (Hello!)
My girlfriend has been missing for two weeks
I guess that\'s what happens when you walk the streets
with a bag in your hand and a sign that says:

Everyday Everyday
Everyday I start to ooze X2

Blue, black and blue and red are the colours everyday X2

Blue. Everyday

Ok, that\'s life, that\'s what I was told anyway
And picking your feet till they bleed may only be the half of it
If every fourth animal in the world is a beetle
Perhaps every fourth person is a DUMB FUCK
Listen, listen carefully now here\'s the answer
It rhymes with axe
Why, it\'s those personal acts of course
Those personal acts
Those suicide pacts
Those carelessly stored razorblades in the hands of small children
It\'s my face smeared on the pavement
It\'s Everyday
It\'s Everyday



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