Here I come again like the sun
The question on your thoughts' horizon
The quest is in learning theology
Pouring logic and opinion in me

One step closer
Everything comes back to you in time
One step closer
Some will find the answers
Some submit to aggression

From the dust of Adam's rib she hides
The muse in my tragic comedy of lies
Sharpened emotions imprison me
Stagnant revulsion for society

Come with me, sail the sea of possibilities
In liquid karma, I don't mean to alarm you
But the future is not written in stone

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    General Commentpjslash comes close to getting it right; this song is about the onus of free will. I could be wrong, but I'm actually pretty confident about this one. It's basically about how having free will is actually kind of disturbing in a way and that it puts us in a position to take responsibility for our actions.

    The first verse is referring to how existential and philosophical bluster creeps up in our psyche on an almost daily basis, even if many of us prefer to ignore its calls. "Learning theology" refers to accepting the sort of free will stemming from the Bible, and the second verse makes this even clearer by mentioning Adam and implying Eve.

    The chorus sets a sense of perspective – as each moment passes, we're "one step closer" to the end of our lives and this reality is unsettling. It's even more unsettling since we know that all of our previous actions have come to shape the world in a certain way and that after we have gone, our minute impact, as insignificant as it probably was, still lingers. "Some will find the answers..." refers to how some will become enlightened, accepting the truth of Dane's words and how others will succumb to the baser side of human existence and continue polluting the world, literally and figuratively.

    The real clincher is in the part after the chorus. "I don't mean to alarm you, but the future is not written in stone." Pretty self-explanatory.
    buggie92on January 23, 2013   Link
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    General CommentAnother great song of Nevermore. I am glad to be the first one comments here. I believe that this song is about not existing fate. "the future is not written in stone" means that nothing is planned to happen in the future. What will be, depends on our decisions we come to make through life. We have plenty of possibilities, each one leads to a different result in the future. That is my opinion.Waiting yours too...!
    pjslashon February 11, 2009   Link

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