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This town is my home,it's deep in my soul
Thats why I'm at home, even when im on the road

[Verse 1]
Grew up in the backdrop,of a small town
Nissan truck, dropped down
Volkswagon Rabbit, with the top down
Sittin on BBS's, how that sound
Yeah, yall remeber that dont ya
dontdontdontdontdontdontdontdontdont ya
Thats where I come from, Houston county
No distance or tour bus can take me
To make me forget gettin my ass whipped
In the parking lot of Mazzio's
Skippin church the first time I heard Planet Rock come out a boombox
That may be the day God saved my soul
So, I take a little bit of everything I ever learned with me anywhere on this globe I go
No body can take that, think back
Linda May gave me the name
Now Danny Boone's on your radio
And for those that think I changed, I did
The world out there took a naive kid
Scarred his heart and beat him down
And this songs me commin back around
From out the town, what up folk

[Verse 2]
Northside High School Makin beats on the top of my desk
Whenever the techer left the room
Three years of ridin the bench wantin play
More than the last 13 seconds of the game, gonna get a name
Hangin with the hoodlums
My girlfriend, ended up doin everyone of em
None of them ever thought I knew what to do
When it's cool cuz I used to do your boo too
Stealin cigarettes and malt liqour
Rockin the pep rally in a cardigan sweater
Vowed that I would quit partyin, never
But now we got death and meth and nothin left
But questions in our minds
Do you really think this town is ever really gonna change in our time
It's in the sky, a mile high
It's on your table, that black label
It's in your locker, that bottle of vodka
Sardines, and pork & beans


[Verse 3]
I sit on the trunk of a 66 Pontiac
Where the party at?
I'm askin my kinfolk as the sun gets low
Can I get a hit of your cognac?
Hell no, yall know
Aint nuthin but the corner left
Did you hear about Peanut, he nutted up
Four police cars, he was raisin hell
Took mace and a billy club to shut him up
Well, been sittin here by myself
Drinkin on Eezie Jesus with a dime to sell
Layin low cuz I just got out of jail myself
One day I'm gonna leave this place
And yall might never ever see my face again
Friends been friends since we were little bitty
Now were grown, and this is our hooome

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    General Commentthe common story of the pathetic rednecks in a small town that never move like they say they will
    FeelinGroovy1803on April 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of my town. It's not a small redneck town, and us kids are not rednecks. So it is really to me about still being in the same place as you were as a kid and watching the people around you change for the better or worse.

    The last verse reminds me of how a bunch of my friends have hung out at the beach sence for ever. Sitting around our cars drinkin, selling buying doing drugs, talking about the crazy stuff our friends pull. I dont know. Thought i should share.
    violentcupcakeson April 19, 2007   Link

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