Lashes out again
Silently I can't keep from caving in
The truth is I always wanted to be the one
That you could confide in
As I hear the sound, of a voice
Telling me not so loud
As I hear the sound

Suddenly I'm so different
I'm so different from you [x2]

I dream for hours on end
About a life I could never believe in
Betrayed by what you would say
It comes around again
I pay no mind for something I just cannot hide
As I hear that sound, as I hear that sound
Telling me

Suddenly I'm so different
I'm so different from you [x2]

Devils be the ones
Tells me I've nothing to loose if I'm falling
Before I cave I want you to know
You did this to me

Suddenly I'm so different
I'm so different from you [x2]

But I realize the difference is you [x2]

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    General CommentAnytime you care about someone, for example a friend, you want them to be able to come to you with their problems like you would them. And when they act a way you wouldn't expect, or do something you frown upon, more often than not, it is upsetting. This song sounds like that. If someone can't come to me with their issues and hides them all the time, trying to be strong, I feel like they are so distant and I wonder more about myself and what I can do to help. It feels good to know that some people actually depend on me to help them out when they need it, and vice-versa. So it's kind of hurtful when a good friend doesn't want to come to you when they need help. This song sounds like you're finally realizing that you're not the same as someone else and you have to accept it. Get past the facade that everyone has the same problems and deals with them the same way, and learn that they will do it a different way and sometimes you may not like it, but you have to get on with your life instead of wasting it dwelling on it.
    FFLITMikoon May 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song to me is about trying as hard as you can to change for someone

    giving your all just to try and be good enough, and finally realizing you never will be

    because in the end you realize that the person you worked so hard to please is someone entirely different than the person you thought they were

    and wanting them 2 know that they r the reason u hav burnt out
    foArdo4290on April 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about people chainging and changing to fit the mold that the "friend" if theirs wants them to fit. and the "friend" doesnt want to BE their "friend" until they change. its fairly common.
    but finally they give up and give the "friend" a big fuck you and go their own way.
    momofabulouson March 26, 2008   Link

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