So you need me to say that I’m sorry
That someone undressed me as professed to me
In Spain with their eyes

Ba dum-bum ba da dum.

I’m sorry ’cause someone told me to watch
And I watched for it all over
Spain with my eyes.

Ba dum-bum ba da dum.

If I’m sorry, then so are you
Cause I, I go where you tell me to.
On horseshoes.

The Casanova ran
Toward the Eastern lands
His cock was in his hand
You got to ride away from him
You gotta ride away from him.

“But if you ride over there
they’ll put bows in your hair
they will stand back and
stare at you to Spain with their eyes.”

Ba dum-bum ba da dum.

It never occurred to me
It never occurred to me
It never occurred to me
That the men are called horsemen there

Oh, the men are called horsemen there

Oh, the men are called horsemen and
Oh, the men are called horsemen and
Oh, the men are called horsemen and
I’M NO HORSEMEN! And you are no angel…

I’m no horse and you are no angel.
If I was a horse I would
Rush like a leopard.
If I was a horse I would
Trample the shepherd down.
If I was a horse I’d have
Bricks in my mane.
If I was a horse I would throw up the reins.

If I was you
If I was a horse I would throw up the reins.
If I was you… Oh, oh oh oh oh oh.
If I was a horse I would throw up the reins.
If I was you… Oh, oh oh oh oh oh.
But I am no horse and you are no angel…
Oh, oh oh oh oh oh.
I said if I was a horse I would throw up the reins.
If I was you. Oh, oh oh oh oh oh.

Your hand’s on my neck
Your hand’s on my muscles
Your weight on my back
It keeps me from trouble

But oh, oh oh oh oh oh…

But such weights never did stay
In Madrid, did they…

Where someone says, “fuck me” someone else says, “ok.”

You gotta ride me to a pasture
on a ride to kiss all the wings.

Where someone says “fuck me” someone else says, “ok.”

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The Men are Called Horsemen There song meanings
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    General CommentPossibly one of the most intense songs on the album, I have attatched to it my own formulation of what i think Spencer Krug's getting at in with these, at times, "harsh" words about horses and angels. Firstly, I'd like to point out the contrast he's making between the european culture, exemplified in his visit to madrid where he could have been stripped down to a "horseman", a primal being devoid of western ideals. Westernites fled such a culture with "his cock in his hand." Although he seems to hold the european ideals of self expression to heart "if you ride over there they'll put bows in your hair". At the end of the piece, and by far one of the most exhillirating moments of the album, he screams, "if i was a horse I would throw up the reins," noting his inablity to be fixed in any particular cultural frame of thought, but rather buck off any stereotypes assosciated with a particular land. "you gotta ride me to a pasture" he closes, "on a ride to kiss all the wings."
    assessingaccesson May 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHere's an interview with Sunset Rubdown members (except Spencer Krug wasn't in it for whatever reason) in regard to this song.

    CMG: I would like to do a sort of “round table” on this, have it going as a group e-mail interview that any one of you can jump in on/contribute to at any time, and we’ll go song-by-song, snake-by-snake. The first thing I’d like everyone to do is mention your favourite animal as appears in a Sunset Rubdown lyric, which song it’s in, and why you like or are intrigued by that particular animal.

    Michael: My favorite would be the horse references from “The Men are Called Horsemen There.” They seem to describe male sexuality as something to be restrained and tamed by a lover, but also something men may struggle with and feel guilty about. Seems kinda clear in the lyric “If I were a horse, I’d throw up the reins if I were you,” as if to say, “you misunderstand me, see... we understand each other.” Like that saying, “We’re the same you and me, we’re the same don’t you see?” But he’s also talking about men in Spain, and whatever cultural differences exist, and the only things I know about Spanish men come from Don Quixote, Picasso, and Gaudy, and they were all mad visionaries like Spencer. So he could be saying something like, “I ain’t no horseman [meaning oversexed]; you’ve never seen horsemen. I’ve been to Spain! In Spain they’re horsemen! And they thought I was one too, but I’m not, they got me wrong, I’m just this dumb kid from Penticton [or wherever Spencer is from in BC] and I was drunk and nervous and seduced, and maybe thought I could be a horse, but I’m hardly a pony!”

    We don’t really ask Spencer to explain his lyrics. Maybe this song is just about genitalia and racial stereotyping, as if having sex with a man (who happens to be Spanish) who has a huge horse cock would be way too painful and they should get off that ride... maybe find a pony instead, or just a dirty little dog.

    Jordan: Wow, that was a really graphic analysis Mike.

    CMG: Michael totally turned this x-rated; all I wanted to know was whether the song was about cowboys or gay cowboys. Michael - where do you get the Spain bit from? I must have missed that.

    Michael: In the beginning of the song Spencer sings, “So you need me to say that I’m sorry / That someone undressed me as professed to me / In Spain with their eyes.”

    One other thing I like about the song is how it switches characters. The verse that starts “the Casanova ran...”; this is the voice of the camera, to use a film analogy. It describes the characters and the scene, and the song is elevated from a personal confession to something more literary.

    CMG: “I am no horseman / and you are no angel.” Who is the non-angel?

    Michael: The character being apologized to. I take this expression as a way of giving a human face to the (sometimes) divine expectations of love. The point being that honesty is better than trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.
    marxman2on March 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSoftdelicious are you refering to the firt unitartian in philly. That was me who asked him lol i thought it had to do with men in spain having big dicks before i asked him.
    dizzydave00on October 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song has epic tension.
    TerroristCakeson December 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love that this is where the line from Idiot Heart came from.
    IndeediKidon February 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI am thoroughly impressed, assessingaccess. That is an amazing, accurate, coherent, and correct interpritation. Thank you very much.
    ArnhemKnight117on August 28, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"You gotta ride me to a pasture
    on a ride to kiss all the wings."

    There's no way that's what he says, but I can't afford to go CD shopping and it's really frustrating. It sounds something like "such withered wings" or something along those lines, but I don't know. Someone pleaseplease post the real lyrics if they own the CD.
    Lightbluenesson September 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti just saw them and someone asked him what this song meant
    he said it's about sluts in spain
    softdeliciouson September 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlol well thats that, from the man himself.
    ArnhemKnight117on October 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFirst, I'm pretty sure it's "crouch like a leopard" and "trample the shepard, love." Crouch makes much more sense, and I'm almost positive in listening to it.

    But yeah, I'd say that's a pretty good interpretation, though I always felt like he was trying to convince a lover or a female friend not to move to Spain, because he's seen how the women there are treated (i.e. the prostitution and "sluts in Spain"). He compares women to horses (stay with me here...), which explains all the allusions to breaking and taming horses, like strapping them up with reigns and putting bows in their hair, expecting them to be docile and obedient. But Krug knows that this woman is wild and beautiful, and he loves her too much to allow this person to go to Spain and risk being tamed, so he tells her how if he were in her position, he'd resist those who try to restrain him by throwing up the reigns, crouching like a leopard (waiting to strike...) and then trampling shepards. Pretty awesome image. Easily my favorite song on the album.
    TheNalvon October 06, 2006   Link

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