Stitching threads of truth into the emptiest deception
To bleed the open scabs once more and multiply obsession
Intangible seduction and a manufactured dream
Faith is what is hoped for but heaven isn't free
The path to God
A downward slide
Something to reach for
When you can't hide
Words to live by
Most of the time
Words that pacify your mind

Salvation is yours
If you follow the rest in line
Conform to the process of giving in
And rise above the swine
The only solution
Is this endless reprise
Breaking your knees all day
To reach for the sky

Working shards of guilt into the ignorant perspective
To tear the open wound once more and justify redemption
Reversible acceptance by a contradicting doctrine
God is love to everyone except for those who question
The light is here
To blind your way
Something to help you
Explain it away
Words to support
Whatever you say
Words that mask your human ways

The age of your belief doesn't validate the message
And faith is not a fact despite all that you've invested
Your word is just a veil to hide what you can never be
A reason to deny all responsibility
The path to God
A downward slide
Something to use
To hide your life
Words to kill for
When others refuse
Words that silence all you abuse

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    General CommentThis is clearly stating how ridiculous (..."manufactured dream"), empty, and destructive ("words to kill for when others refuse") religion is.

    "Something to reach for
    When you can't hide"

    Those in society who believe in religion find it to be the only thing to help them get through life, their "salvation" from their problems. And, just as the above quote states, these people look up to (i.e. "something to reach for") religion to give them hope for a better life only because they have nothing else (i.e. "...when you can't hide") to, supposedly, get them through life on their own.
    Nussenbaunon November 07, 2006   Link
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    MemoryCSB time:

    Right after this CD came out, I went to see Imperative Reaction and System Syn in Columbus, OH. During Imperative Reaction's set, especially this song, there was a guy dressed in all white bondage gear, just trance dancing in the middle of the dance floor, happy as could be.

    I had been speaking to Ted and Clint before and after the show, and apparently at one point this guy had approached Ted and told him how refreshing it was to hear a CD with Christian themed lyrics in the industrial scene. We were all pretty confused, but figured that the guy was either oblivious to the real message of the song or on some pretty good drugs.
    Celerianon October 07, 2010   Link

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