the first two i got from my great grandfather
he'd give them to me on one of those days when
we'd get together and he'd tell tales of winter
storms and drift off into his native sweedish
tongue..."nothing's too good for the working man"
he'd, if he only knew what he'd gotten
me into.
the third one i didn't get 'til some time later.
i found it in chesney's junkyard while looking
for an alternator for some old buick i had
it's a bit dirty, but i like it, and use it a lot.
the fourth and fifth ones? well, i stole those
from a church two towns over - and yeah, i
know what you're thinking, but save your
breath cuz i got hit by that instant karma
lennon used to sing about three towns over
just on the way home that night.
but man, it was worth it.
i won the next three in a bet. it was a bet i never
should have took but i'd drank just enough
whiskey that night to set the wager in motion
shit, i could have lost everything...but what the
hell, i came out on top. the ninth one? well let's
just say i took a lot of heat getting that one -
and yeah, i pissed a few people off in the process
but i'm sure they've all forgotten by now. i let a
buddy borrow it once but he just didn't
appreciate like i i don't talk to him
any more. as for the next few, i'd rather not say
where i got those. not a lot of people know about
it, and i just figure it's best to keep it that way.
besides, i plan on going back there some day,
and i'd hate for them to be all gone...
hard to be indifferent
too vague and incoherent
someone's telling me what some old man told him
can you keep this secret?
i have to keep this secret?
why are you telling me? what are you telling me?
i thought i'd die from boredom...
...but now i want to score some
you've got 17
i hope one day i'll have my own
i'll keep it warm
i'll keep it close
you say the word...
as for those last few, never mind where i got those.
those are just for looks.

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