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These two shots are for Derrick
For Rifle, not the handgun
For Coffee and Cigarettes
Give It Back

You know, suicide isn't painless
When you leave everyone in pain
Two shots will never go down the same

This beating's for Jimmy
For Ultimate Devotion
For your Mind Of My Own
Bring Out Your Dead

Sedated, flagellated
You were the one most loved and hated
Thanks for all that carpet and your songs

This petron's for Jason
This lager's for Andy
And these doses are for Bomber
And this fix is for Bradley
This ritalin's for Lumpy
And this speedball's for Friday
This nitrous hit is for Lynn and best friend Dobbs

This bowl is for my mom
For drinking more than I did
For posting bail for me in New York

And in Hollywood that first time
And that joint we smoked was the worst time
Cause doing drugs with parents is just wrong

This petron's for Jason
This lager's for Andy
And these doses are for Bomber
And this fix is for Bradley
This song is for winning losers
It's for lucky substance abusers
The ones who left their black marks on us all

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    General Comment*Derrick Plourde - from Lagwagon/RKL/Mad Caddies - Committed Suicide in 2005. Rifle, Gun In Your Hand, Coffee and Cigarettes, Give It Back are all Lagwagon songs. Lagwagon and Mad Caddies were both on Fat Wreck and RKL were a massive influence on NoFX's sound and were on Mystic in the 80's at the same time as NoFX and they were then Epitaph label-buddies in the mid-90s.

    *Jimmy is Jim Cherry from Strung Out and latterly Pulley/Zero Down. 'Ultimate Devotion', 'Mind of my Own' and 'Bring Out Your Dead' are Strung Out songs. He also used to work at Carpet Time. Fat Mike is also attributed with quoting, "When I was not sure I wanted to sign them (Strung Out), Jimmy told me he would carpet my condo for free if I signed the band. So I did and him and Jason (Cruz) drove to SF and put in carpet."
    Strung Out and Zero Down were both on Fat Wreck and Pulley were signed with Epitaph.

    *Jason - I always believed that this was Jason Sears, another from RKL. Sears died in a clinic in Mexico where he was being treated to help overcome drug addiction and withdrawal. Patrón is a Mexican tequila. There is no way that NoFX would miss out Sears from the tribute but include his two bandmates. And the Patrón reference seems to fit.. But I'm actually not sure..
    There is a possibility it could be Jason Thirsk from Pennywise. And over time I seem to believe this is the case more and more. First of all, Fat Mike publicly sort of said so when they played the song at Chicago House of Blues in October 2011. -…. Although Fat Mike saying something does not mean it is true. Incidentally, he also sings 'This Petrón's for Michael' second time round.
    Also, the album is stated everywhere I've seen as being recorded in 2005, but Sears didn't die until 31st January 2006, which was only a couple of months before the album was actually fully completed for release. Maybe they recorded parts of it again immediately after Sears death, but who knows. Maybe the Patron reference also means something regarding Thirsk. He did struggle with alcoholism leading to his suicide.. Either way, I'm sure NoFX had reason to pay tribute to both of them, and if perhaps it was originally meant for Jason Thirsk, then I'm sure Fat Mike would happily also apply the lyrics and sentiment to Jason Sears.

    *Andy is Andy Crighton, bassist of Leatherface/Pope and Snuff. He took his own life, possibly after struggling with alcoholism. He was said to be a big drinker of lager and Guinness. Snuff had a few releases put out on Fat Wreck and played many shows with NoFX... I've also heard it said that this could also be Andy Bryan of Reagan Youth and Urban Waste, but I think this is less likely. I think NoFX in their early days played shows with Reagan Youth, but Andy Bryan had left by then. Bryan's bands were more popular in NY. He also died of a heart attack related to crack cocaine use, so the lager reference doesn't fit..

    *Bomer is Richard 'Bomer' Manzullo, another from RKL, who died from heart failure caused by drug addiction. RKL was the commonly known abbreviation of Rich Kids on LSD.. Doses is slang for LSD.

    *Bradley is Bradley Nowell from Sublime, I believe. He died of a heroin overdose. A 'fix' is an injection of heroin or similar substance. There is no publicised link that I know of between Bradley and NoFX. They were both from the Southern California scene and both gained huge popularity in the mid-90s and were hugely influential in the early Vans Warped Tours, but I'm not sure they ever toured together. Brad was just a big player in the 'SoCal' scene at the time.

    *Lumpy is Chris 'Lumpy' Lagerborg - drummer from The Joykiller, F-Minus and Down By Law. Down By Law and The Joykiller were both label-mates of NoFX on Epitaph. He died in his sleep. Ritalin is used to treat sleep-disorder narcolepsy.

    *No one seems to know who Friday is. Maybe just a personal friend.

    *Lynn is James Lynn Strait who was the singer of California band Snot. And Dobbs was Strait's dog and the band mascot. They both died in a car accident, hence the Nitrous reference. Like Bradley Nowell, Lynn Strait was another big player in the SoCal scene at the time of his death.

    *His mom is his mom.

    Just who is Friday??
    rjb80on September 13, 2012   Link
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    General Commentcoffee and cigarettes, and give it back are both lagwagon songs, genius
    waglagonon April 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about all the musicians in the last couple decades that have passed away, my favorite line is "And this fix is for Bradley", going out to brad nowell from Sublime. That guy was fucking awesome.
    Oxcottonon April 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentpowerfull song....i understood from the first line its about ex-lagwagon drummer(cause of the name of the songs)...than Jimmy Of Strung Out and maybe Jason of Pennywise.....of course Bradley:(...cant tell about the others...maybe some close friends of theirs....
    great song...
    PeterParkeron April 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah, and i think bomber from rkl, and i'm fairly certain james lynn strait and his dog dobbs. fucking rad song regardless of my accuracy/inaccuracy.
    faxman10on April 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe above people seem to be right about all the people:
    Derrick - from Lagwagon, suicide
    Jimmy - from Strung Out, heart failure
    Jason - from pennywise, suicide after relapse into alcoholism
    Andy - ?
    Bom(b)er - from RKL, heart failure (too much drugs)
    Bradley - from Sublime, OD
    Lumpy - ?
    Friday - ?
    Lynn & Dobbs - from Snot (and his dog), car accident

    anyone know of the missing three?
    freecorbinjon May 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhy does it say \"two shots\". Surely he didn\'t shoot himself twice ?
    adsfkahsdfon May 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOh probably means shots of liquor......I am a moron.
    adsfkahsdfon May 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think Jim Cherry OD'd on painkillers? maybe i dunno. He wrote the best Strung Out songs...once he left Strung Out couldn't write anywhere near the quality of songs he use to write. He wrote the lyrics and music to most songs on STWB and Twisted by design one of the best albums ever made
    chris_nfgon May 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDamn, I heart this song, sounds like Mike misses his mom, the voice gets much softer there.
    our_deadon May 26, 2006   Link

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