In the hour of the girl
You can make this danger witness
Or whatever, without your heart
You can wish you could relate
If it's always gonna be
Sit beside me on a star
If you wake me up tonight

So you try to make it whole
With everybody here
More than a sony
To make the words throw up
Or show me the way
As they pick me up again
They will be there on the couch
They will make you better still
(can you be sure?)

Of anything you make
Maybe you can get a whiff
It's enough to make you gag
It's enough to make you sick
Each and every day
With the concrete and the masonry
When the paint that's on is dry
You can work it from your eye

And you take it from my heart
As you stand alone forever

From the roaming and the surf
And the cloudy cloudy day
Just a boss thing that is pure
Something specially for you
It's like everybody's needing it
And everybody's sure

(and if they say)
Is a woman, write this down
Put the paper, over there
More than it is
No more than it is

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    Song Meaningwhen you’re with a girl, you’re scared so you separate and your ego’s in control (without your heart).
    In that state, you wish you could relate, but it’s only going to happen if you are ‘woken up’ from your fear
    so you try to act big to everybody with superficialities
    that doesn’t work and your therapist or a friend picks you up
    while you’re in the egoic state, you can’t be sure of your actions, or anything you make
    and you can sometimes get a sense that you’re not your true self, which can be unpleasant (get a whiff / gag / sick)
    the paint reference could be working on yourself or therapy - once it’s no longer ‘wet’, you can start to understand and resolve it - or also could be just that you can ignore it (work it from your eye) once it’s no longer active.
    In the egoic state, you stand alone forever from real things (the surf, the cloudy day), in a state of self-adoration (boss thing/specially for you), and kid yourself that everybody else wants you to be like that (needing it /sure)
    In the end, you need to come to terms with this, and stop feeling fear at the woman. Just write it down, calm down. She’s just a woman. And that’s a lot, but also very grounding.
    exclamationon April 14, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is good, it starts out nice and quiet, then gets funky and makes me want to sing. I don't know what it's about though...lambchop's lyrics never really told stories, but they're good either way.
    milk_and_honeyon September 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIs this about a father-daughter relationship?
    Odeon April 18, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIt is a lament over a lost love. I guess it's the painting of the song in his voice, about actions that you can take to make a connection, and don't. "Sit beside me on a star" > try to be with me in a point in time. "The guilt in can it be sure" > shows the relationship is poisoned by his own lack of commitment. "And take it from my heart" > is about his regrets. "Is a woman" > this is the important part. What is a woman really? It is what she is, a woman, that is what she is. Nothing more, nothing less. Fairly pure.
    kari_sanon December 19, 2013   Link

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