"July" as written by Damon Minchella, Simon Fowler, Oscar Lloyd Harrison and Stephen Cradock....
You come clean
Waves collide now
Defenseless numb arms
And no voice of reason

So how come you invited me too
You knew I wanted you
You glide above
So this night belongs to you
I know this isn't through
Are you dead to love

I see the bright lights
It's the month of July
It's violent here
Why have you left me
If only you could stay
And keep me in
It's violent here
Why did you run from me

Night devour me

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"July" as written by Oscar Lloyd Harrison Damon Minchella

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July song meanings
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    General CommentI think this song is about a man coming to terms with his ex-significant other choosing someone else.

    So they used to be a couple, and even though they've broken up stayed friendly with one another. Because they're still trying to be friends she invites him to her wedding. The revelation that she is marrying someone else makes him numb and speechless:

    //You come clean
    //Waves collide now
    //Defenseless numb arms
    //& no voice of reason

    At the wedding he begins to brood, wondering why she would even invite him when she knew that he still had feelings for her, and then proceed to be so blase about it all:

    //So how come you invited me too
    //You knew I wanted you
    //You glide above

    As he watches her be the center of attention, he thinks to himself that he still cares for her and internally believes that they still had a chance to be together, but is hurt that she doesn't share his romantic notions:

    //So this night belongs to you
    //I know this isn't through
    //Are you dead to love

    He reflects on the irony and contrast that it's a bright, beautiful summer day and a supposedly happy event is taking place (marriage) while internally he feels so cold and lonely. He feels that the sunshine mocks him:

    //I see the bright lights
    //It's the month of July
    //It's violent here
    //Why have you left me
    //If only you could stay
    //& keep me in
    //It's violent here
    //Why did you run from me

    He can't just leave the wedding, as that would be rude, so he stays and tries to go through the motions, all the while wishing he were away away. Because of his emotional state, he feels that the room is too hot and crowd is overwhelming, and also feels that he is dying bit by bit as he goes through the charade of staying together at the wedding.

    //Night devour me
    Metal Maidenon November 23, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningOnly discovered this band recently through Spotify. Love this song.

    In my opinion the song is about a man who has lost a friend, a girl, with whom he was in love. So he is distraught, feels hopeless and contemplates suicide (or at least the nature of life and death). He wonders why he was invited into her life only to have her leave. He feels defenseless and numb because there is no fighting death.
    SciBoyon April 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFirst one to comment on this awesome song..i wish some more people commented on katatonia's songs..they're quite amazing..anyway about this song. it really is my favourite of the new album though i don't really know what it all means, any help you guys?
    Ruton May 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhatever it means, every time I hear the song I just want to make Jonas's babies even more. FLAWLESS lyrics, FLAWLESS songwriting. LOVE it. \m/ Katatonia \m/
    demon_of_the_fallon November 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commentfor rut, they said it is about when people feel down in winter its pretty normal but when depressed in july its more of a problem. somethin like that anyway
    eonb1on February 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn my opinion its about a girl that leaves a man for someone else and the man cant understand why she left him and he kills himself and goes to hell...
    ProgMetal1985on September 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe lines "You come clean, waves collide now" obviously refer to a shocking revelation of some sort... "Defenseless numb arms" lead me to believe that this is somehow related to a drug addiction, which if that's the case rest of the song rather easily falls into place. It could be a loved on or family member became so addicted to drugs that it ruined their life making them "dead to love", all while dragging the narrator into it as well.

    So of course, either through a fatal OD or rehab or something, the loved one has left, yet the narrator is still stuck in the "violent world" of abuse. So of course, he might consider a bit betrayed, or left behind.

    This could also tie in to "Departer" on their latest album as well. But in that song he's had a bit of time to reflect and calm himself, maybe taking back some of the blame.

    Or not. Whatever.
    sieda666on January 22, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationMy personal interpretation is that it is about seasonal depression (fancy name: Seasonal Affective Disorder).
    During summer, one feels satisfied, energetic, fulfilled, sociable, stable. Happy. Then the lights begin to dim and the cold starts to creep in, and one's guts seem to stir with anxiety, one's mind full with lethargic and negative moods. Once it's happened to you last year, and the year before that, you can tell already, the damn summer is leaving (Lyrics: "Why have you left me...") and everything will go to hell. You tell yourself not this year, not the same BS again. But it happens (See the end of the song). Then summer comes back and you wonder how you survived, but who cares, everything's great now. Well, it isn't - nothing's great, but the summer seems to protect you (Lyrics: "If only you could stay and keep my in")
    Is it normal to suffer depression every year in a cycle? No. At least where I live, the largest number of suicides occur during spring.
    LeonieGreyon October 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentNot sure if this thread still active and seen some interesting concepts I've read so far..however I believe this song has a more indepth meaning and is about a scenary or a specific moment in his life when something dramatic had happened eg. a complicated/violent breakup or loss of personal direction.

    So then while sitting/observing something..a beach prehaps "waves collide now" its obviously in the month of 'july' thinking about the sitution Feeling confused and seeking guidence he looks up and see the sky above and the scenary infront of his eyes which included himself and it seems perfect and flawless and he does not want it to leave but just to stay so he can remain in the perfection of the 'scenary' and never have to go back and deal with the real life matters at hand for in that moment in the scenery he could escape reality and his burdens and be in harmony, until it decides to dissapear and he is left alone and betrayed once again.

    "I see the bright lights, its the month of july
    It's Violent here, why have you left me
    If only you could stay and keep me in..<---- (the scenary/scenario he witnessed)

    Its wrote in a way that makes us think that a woman is being spoke about however the scenary is something he is comparing to a woman.. beautiful and flawless apon first sight or in a certain shade of light or particular season but as we know perfection does not last forever and the scenary eventually has to leave just like the woman or ambitions did which resulted in him being lead to witness the scenary in the first place..

    if you keep this concept in mind when reading the rest of the lyrics it makes sense and seems kinder logical but I could be wrong any comments please feel free to reply
    DarkestBlisson January 28, 2012   Link

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