As thin as it gets
I stare right through
The severe sickness in this room
Not mine
It comes from you

Soul cold
There won't be a time when I'm at ease
Increase coldness
Increase ignorance

Rewind & look at you
As on film
You will see a mask of shame
I think you will
Your position in life
So unworthy

Find & twist the answer
Save no one from harm
As seen in the vision
Sick sleep sick dead earth

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    General CommentThis band is the shit. No clue what this means though.. probably about paranoia or something along those lines. Renske has a distinct vocal/lyric style
    Lateralus518on September 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn my Opinion:
    (Im just referring to the person the narrator is talking about as a HER to make it easier.)

    It's about a shameful person...or just not someone you'd feel god about knowing.

    "Vapour - it comes from you"
    Stating that he's not the problem and that the person he is referring to is. Not a literal illness. Just a very apparent personality fault.

    "Soul cold - Ignorance"
    Narrator could be very close to the person he is talking about. It depresses him to see her like this. Maybe she has changed. He's trying to rid himself of worry about the situation. Increasing his ignorance. Or maybe the person is becoming more ignorant to her own fault. Could be a few things here.

    "Please - So unworthy-
    Narrator wants the person to take a hard look it herself. Maybe she will realize the harm she is causing and should be ashamed (mask of shame).

    "Find - Earth"
    Bending reality to what she wants to happen. Caring only for herself. Only hearing what she wants to hear.
    Final line im not too sure about. Her anger,hate etc. has become so part of her life its now part of and everyday cycle. It has consumed her.

    And there is is.
    M00nIapseVertig0on February 07, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationAfter thinking about this for some time, I believe that this is about a negative person who did bad stuff

    Verse number one speaks about the person's presence. The vapor can mean literal vapor, or it can mean the person's elusiveness, his method of concealing his wrongs(Which seems to be ineffective). The sickness tells about the negative energy that this person emits.

    The Second verse/Chorus has two possible meanings. The first two lines label the person, while the second two may reference the narrator's increase in being aloof, or the person's detachment from people.

    Following this school of thought it's easy to interpret the remaining lyrics of the song.

    Verse 3 is advice given to the person, to take a step back, see how he acts. "As on film, you will see the mask of shame" - Tells how seeing the shame on his face is as easy as spotting the villain on a film. The rest of the verse tells how, upon retrospection, he will see that he's undeserving of the social status he possesses.

    The last verse is kind of tricky:
    The first line may peak about the person's rationalization of his works, or how he pulls stuff out of context to justify himself.
    The others may speak of the deed itself. The second in particular, how he didn't save someone when he should. The line above referring to status could come into play here, telling us how he has the power to stop something from happening, yet he didn't use it, ergo that power should be stripped from him.
    The final line may speak of the deed, or his own life after the event(s). Sick sleep - he can't get a good night's sleep from the weight of his aberration of a burden.

    All in all, It's a very good song, that possibly carries this message, but nevertheless it gives of a melancholic, dark, almost inimical vibe that I simply adore!
    EmperorPearon March 30, 2016   Link

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