Hurts to see
My incapacity
Idle mind
You have changed me

My mouth is shut
Stupidity have shut my mouth

So when you come
I'm too unprepared to come along
I hold your hand so hard
My knuckles turn white
When you clear the streets
& kill the lights

See the line
Border to freedom
The words
My name
You have changed it

Your tone change to cool
This is how you tell me once again
How I have nothing on you
How everything is supposed to end

I won't make it
It's the journey of a life
Fix my eyes on the sun
What have I done

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    My InterpretationIt may sound odd, but I also feel this song can be about abused person, or at least a person who experiences domestic violence. Due to personal experiences I can relate to this song as my own thoughts and feelings are quite similar. And why do I feel so? Let's look at the lyrics from the very beginning:

    "Hurts to see
    My incapacity"

    The meaning of it can be that after all things he experienced in his life, he became withdrawn, apathetic, maybe also alienated and isolated? Maybe others don't notice it? Maybe they don't see "something's wrong"? Or maybe, while loking at it as a whole ("Hurts to see, my incapacity") it means he just denies the truth. He doesn't want to remember about what oher person does with him, so he erases it from his mind and "closes" it.

    Idle mind"

    This seems to be pretty simple. He is ashamed of what his oppressor does with him, maybe he feels guilty and dirty. And "idle mind" is when we don't want to recall something in our minds, well, at least I think so.

    "No, you have changed me"

    This is also easy. His tormentor ruined his life by abusing him, he changed him forever., so that the speaker became completely different person than he was supposed to be. Someone turned a long period in his life (perhaps childhood and/or adolescence) into hell and this is a consequence.

    "My mouth is shut
    Stupidity have shut my mouth"

    Another part rather easy to understand. He doesn't want to tell anyone what happens to him, maybe he fels that nobody's gonna believe him, maybe he is just afraid of his tormentor, so he just suffers in silence. But what about "stupidity"? Maybe it refers to speaker himself, maybe it means he is being constantly degraded and humiliated by his torturer. Things like this always lower the self-esteem of abused person, so maybe he just feels worse than others because of that.

    "So when you come
    I'm too unprepared to come along"

    For me it means he is simply scared of that person who comes to him every night. He doesn't want him to do all the things which he does to him. He doesn't feel good with it. He wishes it all ended. He wants his oppressor to leave him alone in a peace and nver come back.

    "I hold your hand so hard my knuckles turn white
    When you clear the streets
    And kill the lights"

    What about this? Well, we hold something that hard when we are scared. So it also means he is scared. What about the rest? In my opinion, "When you clear the streets" means "When everyone is going to sleep" and "And kill the lights" means "And it's getting dark outside". So the whole chorus means for me "I'm scared of you and all the things you do to me when you come to me at night".

    "See the line
    Border to freedom"

    Maybe he is aware of the existence of freedom, maybe he craves it, but it seems to be unreachable to him. He feels trapped and imprisoned. He wants to break free from this.

    "The words
    My name
    You have changed it"

    I think it works together. How to understand that? Perhaps it means he is simply undervalued. Maybe insignificant. I think he wishes to be loved, but not in that way. Not through abuse.

    "Your tone change to cool
    This is how you tell me once again"

    For me meaning of this part is quite obvious. Abusers usually direct harsh words to their victims and their voices are full of hatred also directed towards them. Probably he's getting insulted or something like that. It's also a kind of violence and abuse.

    "How I have nothing on you"

    This speaks for itself. His tormentor was never who he should be for him. He never loved him like he should love his child. He never gave him support, he's been bringing only pain.

    "How everything is supposed to end"

    He is probably wondering how all these things will end up. Maybe he wonders if it ever ends, maybe he feels he's doomed to eternal suffering - even if his oppressor stops breaking him, all the painful memories and haunting nightmares will do it instead.

    And the last part, I think, it's about how things suddenly change:

    I won't make it"

    He refuses it once more, he keps defending himself from this all.

    "It's the journey of a life"

    For me it sounds like "It's your last journey, you're gonna die". Maybe he sets himself free by killing his tormentor? This is what comes to my mind in regards to that.

    "Fix my eyes on the sun
    What have I done?"

    This only confirms my conviction about killing. Perhaps he killed his oppressor and now he cannot believe that he really did it, he is shocked, maybe even he regrets it in some ways. He is finally free from a person who used to destroy him for years, yet he feels he'll never be free at all.

    This is the first thing that comes to my mind according to this song. But... I think this song can have one more meaning. Maybe it just tells about a man who is a serial killer and his son (the speaker) who doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of his father? Maybe he feels scared and disgusted by what his father does. Then a words "When you clear the streets and kill the lights" might mean a mass slaughter or just taking lives one by one. And the last part of this song might say he doesn't want to do it and he rfuses it, but aftr all, he decides to follow his father and now he regrets. Maybe his pangs of conscience don't want to leave him alone.

    I'm sure my interpretations are most likely very far from the true meaning of this song, but this is just how I see it. And I love their lyrics for they never give a clear answer about their meaning, so we can find ourselves in them.
    lindencaton March 30, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI almost feel like child abuse is almost too specific. I think in general terms the song is just about the feeling of inadequacy that plagues each and every one of us. And I think in the end when he says " father I wont make it," It is the guilt of failure that we feel when we fall short of whats expected of us. The individual in this song has been stepped over repeatedly and has given up hope and he "fixes his eyes on the sun" and just loses all hope that he will amount to something worthwhile to elevate him from the position of "follower"...What do you guys think? sorry if this makes no sense.. I am very drunk right now lol
    SongMaster1030on October 30, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song...

    "So when you come
    I'm too unprepared to come along
    I hold your hand so hard
    My knuckles turn white"
    preemaniaon September 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentCool song but what the hell is it about? The best I can come up with is abuse
    Lateralus518on September 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely about an abusive relationship with a father.
    The lyrics are very descriptive, you can really understand how the person being abused feels.
    DarcMurkeeon January 21, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's about death.
    ptaqon October 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHis girlfriend is on a killing spree and he is helping her :)
    Barbara11111on January 07, 2017   Link

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