Floating up to the hole in the sky
to the casual wink of Uranus's wandering eye
I looked down somewhere over Europe
and let down a rope with Zeus on my side

And Kypros was pointing her bony finger
at the hole she'd made in Turkey's belly
and Kithira could hear nothing else but the noise
of Laconia's engulfing war yell

Is she Tartarean again today
with her aphrodisiac the tarantella sway
In anagogical vision I am what I see
in anaclitical remission there's nothing more to be

And I hit a wall with all I had
a start even with the first kiss
It ended in a scream of pain
I broke every bone in my red fist

And I face it she makes the world spin
she makes all of us somehow kin
and makes everything the same as it's always been
so I've let down my rope to reel anyone in

And Uranus's scrotum's a totem pole
in the middle of Washington state
It tells the story of what went down in our house
it tells the story of our lust-driven, bearded, beautiful fate

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    General CommentIt's "Cypress was pointing her bony finger..." don't you get it? The island in Europe? Look at a map, and you'll see the "bony finger" pointing at the country Turkey. And Kithira is a Greek island, and Laconia a city in Greece. Cool song though...it don't really understand the rest...but Bedhead is pretty.
    milk_and_honeyon May 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe title 'Foaming Love' appears to be a reference to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. After castrating his father, Kronus threw Uranus's genitals into the ocean below, forming a bed of sea foam -- the supposed birthplace of Aphrodite.

    There's a few other references to her in there as well, the most obvious being Kypros and Kithira -- alternate names for Aphrodite that have some claim to her origin.

    The more cryptic references appear to be hidden in the lyrics themselves, though they are in plain sight if you know what to look for. These names appear as historical counterparts to Aphrodite. They are as follows:

    Ishtar: Is SHe TARtarean again today...
    Inanna: IN ANAgogical vision... // IN ANAclitical remission...
    Anahita: ANd I HIT A wall with all I had...
    Astarte: A START Even with the first kiss...

    Cool song indeed. Aside from the references to antiquity, I've always seen this as sort of an origin story for Bedhead themselves. How 'gods' (or specifically, dead 'gods') eventually have to be replaced. Bedhead appear to be the ones taking the mantle from the old guard, ushering in their own unique musical vision. But they too know that they will one day be cast aside, like Uranus was at the hands of Kronus, and how Kronus was at the hands of Zeus. For me, the last couple of lines really sell this idea of Bedhead foretelling their own narrative: It tells the story of what went down in our house / it tells the story of our lust-driven bearded beautiful fate.
    mrkrankyon November 12, 2014   Link

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