Katie stands at the top of the stairs
As she's leaving her father stares
What has she come to
Another boy she runs to tonight
Powerless he just shakes his head
Disapointed and off to bed
He won't be sleeping
Cause the hours she's keeping
are not right

She's asking a question
How will I be
After this next on eventually leaves me
And how can a man
Be all that they say
When all that i know
Is men run away
I think I lose just a little bit of me
In every man that I see

Danny's been out for seven days
Funny how he thought the price had been paid
On a past he hates to talk about
It's everything wrong about him
He goes back home to a battle field
Starts to drink as some kind of a shield
For the anger instilled in him
Their looks are killing him now

He's asking a question
How will I be
When it comes down to the end
And memories still haunt me
How can he have forgiveness that flows
When no one forgives him
Yet it's Jesus they know
I think I lose just a little bit of me
In this family that won't see

A crowed of confusion gathers round
Watching the light as he slowly goes out
After all they've talked about
Everything's coming out now
The anger turns to dead and gone
Heart's start to feel what feels so wrong
And as the time starts passing by
Hours turn to days in their heads
And they can still hear him say

I came for your questions
Of what you don't know
But you can't see the answers
Unless I go
So give me your hatred
And give me your diseased
Give me your tired
And I'll take them with me
Cause I'm hanging here
Losing every part of me
Just to open your eyes
To what you will never see
And to answer you questions
Cause there's no place I'd rather be

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    General Commentactually this song has a lot of meaning to me. my guy cheated on me with a girl called katie, who is just like that. and he is just like danny. this song is about going to someone just for warmth, just because they will make you feel ok, just for a second... i love it.
    x-shai-xon July 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe first verse of this song is about a girl who Jon went on a mission trip with to Haiti when he was in high school. I'm not sure about the second verse...
    kelsi323on November 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe first section is about "Katie" a girl whose father doesn't seem to show her that he cares for her, so she seeks that care in other men, who always end up using her or leaving her. She then questions who Jesus, can be the kind of man to never leave. Based on her life, that doesn't make sense.

    The second part is about Danny, who has served his time for some crime. He is released and hopes to reunite with his family. However, his family still views him suspiciously based upon what he had done in his past. He then questions if he will ever be able to forget what he's done. His family is reminding him by treating him different. He then questions how Jesus be forgiving when his family, who are Christians, cannot forgive him.

    The last part is about Jesus actually dying on the cross. To answer our questions, and give us hope in this hopeless world (as described in the first two sections.)
    indie_girlon November 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so beautiful and touching.

    The beginning, about Katie, is about a girl who has a bad relationship with her dad, so she tries to fulfill herself with romantic relationship, only to be used and get her heart broken. Her dad doesn't understand how to communicate with her, and doesn't know how to help her, so Katie feels rejected. She questions her faith in God - how could Jesus never leave her? All she knows is men who leave her.

    Danny did something and went to jail, and when he gets out, he sees his family was ripped apart by it. He feels guilty and doesn't know how to fix it, and he can't stand how his family is, so he turns to alcohol. His family didn't forgive him for what he did - so he questions his faith. How could Jesus forgive him? All he knows is people who don't forgive.

    The last part is about Jesus's crucifixion. The people don't know who He is - they don't understand what He came to do. But as Jesus dies for them, they start to understand that what they've been doing is wrong, and they start to understand why He came. They understand that He came to answer their questions and to save everyone who is broken and lost.

    The last line means the most to me. It makes me cry. Why would anyone ever be willing to die for someone as awful as me?
    LilyxInxLaceon February 24, 2012   Link

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