"In Your Face" as written by and Trevor Randolph Keith Thornton....

[Kool Keith]

I'll get my manager crazy as hell he'll pull steel

Show these sheisty people the sawed off the pump is real

Then smack niggaz when they don't feel Keith's right direction

Put niggaz in fear the bullets in they head section

Pick up drug dollars leave rings around niggaz collars

Front me cash you catch them bodies put em in a stash

Never laugh at you explain plans what to do

Machine guns on tour, pajama for your soft crew

Don't step to me with shit the candle wax is gettin lit

I'm solo now, and still money I have to fuckin split

Business ain't straight in glamour world, fuckin hellgate

All these things I been through, your skull deserves a metal plates

Not the platinum plaque, just gun staples in your back

Hung from a tree with rusty nails in your rectum crack

Chorus: cool Keith (repeat 3X)

I get personal direct straight, I bring it forward

Where? .. IN YOUR FACE! (In yo' face)

[Kool Keith]

For everybody a problem manager

30% get my photo session ready, songs to the fuckin president

I been spendin my ASCAP, waitin out there brain-walkin

up with hit records on feet, in the fuckin rain

Through merry-go-rounds, past politic circus

Then shift flop first, and now it's time that you work this

Suck my ass, we pass on acts if you think they good

Niggaz ain't platinum, they album still, went barely wood

I bring your ? down, samples now you have to clear it

Niggaz talkin shit like lyric records, I ain't tryin to hear it

Even if I'm deaf no mouth, one fuckin ear left

You think they worth investments, hold your fuckin breath

You might as well bite Kane, Rakim, study G. Rap

I got some new shit, mental secrets for yo' asscrack

Let me get real, before that ass breach that contract

I got witnesses watchin, statements over budget

Don't try to hide behind that fuckin mask now

Throw the pistols away, and hide the shit in the grass now


[Kool Keith]

I'm sittin quiet with tons of threats, and Baskin-Rob'

Extortion is over, I cock back, you lose your fuckin job

Two years of my time is precious in my kid's mind

With child support, I drag your coffins in the court

We even Steven, fuck that, my time and rent is short

I've been writin songs, I'm calm, I'm a good sport

One year has gone by, with tecs jam up in your eye

I'm on some clever shit, fuck it man, go 'head lie

I wake up six o'clock with triggers cocked every morning

I'm no joke, you're bound to smell the fragrant gunsmoke

I'll be scrubbin halls, wipin blood off the office walls

Chorus: cool Keith (repeat 4X)

I get personal direct straight, I bring it forward

Where? .. IN YOUR FACE! (In yo' face)

[Kool Keith]

Yeah, yeah

Let's get some fuckin hit records goin right now

East coast to West coast, I don't give a fuck

His shit is wack, their shit is wack

That shit is wack over there

Ain't nuttin fuckin movin

Get some fuckin bullets on the fuckin charts

Fuck that, let's do this (y'all ain't ready)

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"In Your Face" as written by Trevor Randolph Keith Thornton


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