"Clifton" as written by and Kurt Matlin Keith Thornton....
[Kool Keith]
Yeah, straight from the ranch
Motion Man {*echoes*}
J. Reno, cool Keith {*echoes*}
cool Keith

I used to rock a booty butt banger with a hanger
Snap back with back slaps, bypass them corny raps
Perhaps some action, maxin in the Turb' relaxin
Unique investigator, sportin More alligators
From here to Virginia, clubs when I step up in ya
Tell the maid from my toes, to my shoulder blade
Extreme act up on front stage, make em back up
You get that workout, that head piece gettin slapped up
Now turn yo' lip up, you drop that mic you turn yo' lip down
I spin on stage like, blowin mics, make you sit down
From here to North Carolina, 95 to South Carolina
Atlanta Georgia Florida flowin down, like I'm water
Mexican Indian, fly girls, the Puerto Ricans
Pum-pum-pump the eight-oh-eight-oh-eight-oh-eight-oh peakin
Now start spectacular, expert, them legs will work
Bronx Bomber watch em strip, Eddy tip that fine mama
Hydraulics expand, while drums bang like Gap Band
I clap hand, take his mic, give him five to my man
Switch his work to talent shows, I do concerts
Light up shirts like 4th of July atomic fireworks
Extraction attack, white backpacks on wack macks

Chorus: Motion Man cool Keith (repeat 2X)
[M] Clifton! Santiago
[K] Keith, Telavasquez (PSYCH!)

[Clifton Santiago]
My name is Cadillac Clifton Santiago
At the bodega, I need a fat sandwich major
You know my switches, Impala drop, scrapin sparks
I mack these bitches, white Asian Puerto Rican
Black Russian Haitian, with jungle fever, I ain't hatin
A cup more Coppertone, I'm cappin on your kinky ear
Bitches they stare, cause I'm WILD cock diesel
Boy hopin that I recognize they

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"Clifton" as written by Kurt Matlin Keith Thornton


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