"Happy Death Day" as written by and Gwar Gwar....
Happy anniversary, schools are short of funds
This is what I say, give the kids more guns
All of the classes are on how to kill
If you don't teach them then someone else will

Happy Death-Day to Columbine...
Let's make the world an Oklahoma City, fine
Wacky-Waco Happy Death Day, babies that were burned
The Wheel has turned!

Happy Death-Day to you!
Happy Death-Day to you!

Barricades are growing in the halls
Bullet holes are stitching up the walls
The students well-armed but so are the pigs
This thing is gonna be big

We must now attack the very children we have taught
That they must never fight the fucked up wars that we had fought
Someone detonates a bomb, they said that it was huge
Bull dozed all the evidence and blamed it on some stooge

Happy Death-Day to Columbine...
Let's make the world on Oklahoma City, fine
Wacky-Waco Happy Death Day, babies that were burned
Hey look! The Wheel has turned!

There's only one way to save you
Rape and maim and enslave you
Finish what we started
I guess you could say that God farted

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    General CommentI may not be the greatest interpreter but I think this song is meant to define the hypocrisy and the deception of the government, in this case the American government. Gwar has many anti-American songs, whether it's anti-politics or anti-trends.
    Dirtmouthon December 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI don't know much about the event, as I live in New Zealand (although I am the Ultimate Bohab :P). What exactly was the deception involved with colombine?
    Phanaticon January 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThere was a high school where two students attended. They were anti social and in the end brought guns to school and shot a bunch of people ending it with themselves. Which makes alot of sense in the song because everyone was blaming Marlyn Manson for this happening because his music "told them" to do it.

    "We must now attack the very children we have taught"

    I find this line sticks out very well because the people that raised and taught these young men were no where on the blame list. Maybe it's their fault instead of a man who doesn't care about religion and wears make up?
    Dirtmouthon February 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this is making light of how much tragedies are celebrated, tragedies involving younger people particularly. Constant reminders within the media, in-depth elucidation of the events, making holidays of them, etc. It also hints toward the way violence is taught and perpetuated throughout the curriculum, so younger people are bombarded with nothing but these prime examples of mass brutality.
    GoblinCockon June 26, 2013   Link

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