Shall we dance?

one, two, Step... Step by step...
nani wo kakusou señorita, watashi koso ga one, two, Step... Step by step... ikichi mo shitataru ii otoko
one, two, Step... Step by step... onozomi to araba hone no zui to made one, two, Step... Step by step... gojiman no kiba wo meshi agare

aa... tsuki ni terasare ao shiroku hikaru kubisuji ni sotto chikai no KISS wo
demo naze darou, mune no oka dokoka konna ni mo itamu no wa...


one, two, Step... Step by step...
odorimasen ka bonita, te wo tori one, two, Step... Step by step... koshi karamasete un, deux, trois
one, two, Step... Step by step... kuchibiru furesou na kyori de fui ni one, two, Step... Step by step... sasayaku kotoba wa "T'AMORE"

aa... kono mune ni saita jyounetsu no BARA wa sono TOGE de kokoro shimatsukeru
soshite boku wa kimi wo omou tabi chi no namida wo nagasunda

kanawanai koi naraba isso kowashite shimae, to
negatte shimau no wa ikenai koto deshou ka?

boku ga boku ja nakya donna ni yokatta darou?
kimi wo kizutsukeru koto nado naku aiseru no ni...
1, 2, Step... Step by step...
toki no aizu de futari wa rendezvous one, two, Step... Step by step..., mata asa ga kite hanarebanare

aa... aishita kimi ni sae chikadzukenai boku wa aware na MOSQUITO sa.
"dakishimetai, dakishimerarenai..." no wa, kowashite shimai sou dakara

kawari yuku kono karada, tatoe hikarabi you to mo
douka kono koi ga tsumi to natte shimau mae ni
todokanai kiss naraba, minoranai love story naraba
semete yume no naka, dakishime sasete okure

omoeba omou hodo, chikadzuite wa hanarete iku... tsuki to taiyou no you ni

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    General CommentIt's like a dancing song..miyavi is a vampire in the video.lmao.:P
    Malicious_Miseryon April 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics are about a vampire who falls in love with a human girl by accident and is surprised by it. the version i read had italian word in it, so it reminds me of damon salvatore.
    SavPixieon May 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really want to know what the words mean in english. xP Darn for not knowing!

    But it's a great song nonetheless. Love the vid especially. :O
    DeathsComforton March 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentEnglish Translation:

    Shall we dance?

    One, two, step...step by step...

    I have nothing to hide, señorita
    I'm a handsome blood-sucker
    My heart's desire is to sink my fangs in
    Down to the marrow of your bones

    Ah...I softly press a promise-filled kiss
    To your blue-white neck as it shines in the moonlight
    But why
    Does my heart ache so...?

    "I guess I've fallen in love with you"

    One, two, step...step by step...

    Shall we dance, bonita?
    I take your hand and we're hip-to-hip, un, deux, trois
    When we're so close, our lips are almost touching
    I suddenly whisper, "Te amore"

    Ah...the thorns of this passion flower
    That's bloomed in my chest are squeezing my heart
    And whenever I think of you
    I weep tears of blood

    Is it wrong to think I should destroy you
    Because this love doesn't stand a chance?

    How wonderful would it have been if I weren't me?
    Then I could love you without hurting you...

    One, two, step...step by step...
    When the sun sets, we have our rendezvous
    One, two, step...step by step...
    And part ways when the dawn comes

    Ah...I'm a pitiful mosquito
    Unable to be close to my love
    "I want to hold you, but I can't..."
    And it's going to destroy me

    This body is changing, even if it's dried up completely...
    Please, before this love becomes a sin...

    If my kiss won't reach you
    If this love story won't bear fruit
    At least let me hold you in my dreams

    The more I think of you, the closer I get, the further you are...
    Like the moon and the sun
    district826on May 04, 2008   Link

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