I'm a mermaid
but I've sold my voice
for a pair of feet
that tend to bleed
when I go walking in the road

I'm a mermaid
but I've sold my voice
for a couple of feet
and they always bleed
when I go walking in these streets

and I once saw a most beautiful man
at the local record store
he bumped into me and said,
well excuse me, young ma'am,
but haven't I seen your pretty eyes somewhere before?
I smiled but gestured at my throat
to show that I was mute
well, he quickly looked down at the floor
and shuffled in his boots
he was out of there so fast

I'm a mermaid
but I've sold my voice
for a midnight train
and a bump of cocaine
and an old photo of ballets russes

I'm a mermaid
but I have sold my voice
for a bottle of gin
cause I can't swim
and I sure don't want to float

I was so lonely walking out of that store
and back into the busy people street
when overhead I heard an argument
a woman opened up her window, threw a flower pot from it
I was startled by the crash
but went over to find a little plant
I quickly emptied out my paper coffee cup and
adopted it
transplanted it
took it home and
named it mozart

I am a mermaid
but I've sold my voice
and I got rid of my tail
at a junkyard sale
along with some favorite childhood toys

I'm a mermaid
but I have sold my voice
for a couple of feet
that tend to bleed
when I go walking in the street...

I'm a mermaid
but I have sold my voice
for a couple of feet
and they always bleed
no matter how clean...

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    General CommentI think this song has to do with real life. Like, okay, here's is this individual. She's lovely the way she is, absolutely extraodinary (she's a mermaid, come on). But, she doesn't think so (obviously) because she "sells her voice" as well as her tail to become like every other person on this planet. Then she regrets it, because her feet always bleed. as opposed to the comment above, i thought it was a sad song!
    adkonzon April 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRunning with the idea that she gave up what makes her unique;
    She comes off as a childish, imaginative individual who's trying to be 'grown up'. But the truth is, it's not really working out for her.

    She's suppressing who she is because it makes her (for lack of a better word) weird. But as a result, she lacks substance. Others may find her boring because they're missing an important aspect of her personality.

    Voice and tail in exchange for bleeding feet.
    Imagination and childhood toys for gin and cocaine. (i'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words. bear with me.)
    jamielynneon July 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. In the original version, it's actually a really sad story (as someone mentioned) and I'm pretty sure that every time she walks, she feels like there's blades in her feet or something. And the whole story is about unrequited love, with an unhappy ending. I don't know if Regina meant to connect that story, but that's what I thought of. How she sold her voice, but it's not really worth it because he (or whatever else it could be a metaphor for) is not worth it in the end.
    fivergirlon June 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMaybe it's my artritis, and constant aching in my feet, or something else (like my total lack of vocal ability) but somehow it's like this song IS me. The first time I heard it I got this really cosy feeling of being home and belonging, and whenever I'm upset and listen to Mermaid I feel alright again...

    It's funny what a song can do to you.
    lemonjuiceon April 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHaha, yeah I see what you mean by your enterpratation and I totally agree with it. It's just that although the story is so sad, it's told in such a cheerful way (with the melody of the song and it's humoristic refrences) that you still don't get sad when you listen to it. At least I don't... I also think the character, the mermaid, is coming to terms with her lost voice and bleeding feet (or bad choices as you put it) and that the verse "I was so lonely walking out of that store... ...took it home and named it mozart" is there to reflect, as the old saying goes "when a door closes, a window opens up". She lost the man in the record store but then got a plant. Although theese two "friends" hardly can compare with each other, a plant is better than being alone and you can't go on regreting the past forever. Afterwards she gets rid of her tail and gets on with her life, instead of spending forever wondering what could have been. Despite everything I think it's a happy song.
    lemonjuiceon May 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFWIW, the idea of the mermaid selling her voice for a pair of bleeding feet is from "The Little Sea-Maid" by Hans Christian Andersen. The little sea-maid is in love with the prince and wants to be human, so she sells her voice (just like the Disney version) and receives a pair of feet that bleed when she walks or dances (not quite like the Disney version =P).

    As for the meaning of the song, I think adkonz is dead on.
    venus in mohairon May 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think that this song is about a girl who traded her best aspects to fit in... Because much like me I've never fit in but I've always kind of longed for it. I think what it means is that if you aren't yourself then you aren't ever going to feel anything..
    darthbeautyon November 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentis there any chance someone could send me this song?
    i cannot find it anywhere :(
    clarkmacon November 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think the above people have covered the meaning pretty well. She's gotten rid of what made her unique so that she could fit in, but fitting in isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    Also, where the lyrics say "no matter how clean," I think she says "no matter how I plead" or, at least, that's what she says in the version I've heard.
    newsies234on February 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song and i think it really sums up the fact that sometimes we want something untill we get it and the grass isnt always greener on the other side...
    envirohodgeson February 07, 2007   Link

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