"Like the Actors" as written by and Stacy/dupree Dupree....
Dust was supplied in the makin' of a movie.
I don't mind,
'cause I've got my place to share with the world.
Sharing, sharing all day long.

The content was explicit.
I don't know what was with it.
I played it
down and down--
we fall down like the actors, shot
in the chest.

When you were young you thought you were so ugly.
You wouldn't attend the costume party.
Now you feel so tired. You feel so lonely.
You tried to dig your heart out of vanity.

Down and down--
we fall down like the actors, shot.
Down and down--
we fall down like the actors, shot
in the chest.

Ooh, we're all the same.
All we want is a good bit of fame.
Isn't it so insane
how when we fall down our morals do the same?

Down and down--
you love me, not the actor's view of me.
Down and down--
will you love me, not the actor's view of me?

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    General CommentI feel kind of lame being the first to post since I was the one who posted the lyrics, but I was thinking about the song lately.
    Obviously, it's about someone who wants to share her "place... with the world"--either she wants to share her thoughts with the world, or maybe she wants to do something more altruistic, like endorse a cause. But when she becomes famous, she soon gets tired of it and becomes immoral.
    Anyway, I was thinking about the line "The content was explicit/I don't know what was with it." Originally I thought she was in a movie that went against her morals and then acted like she didn't care. But I was wondering if they're just using the literal meaning of explicit--"clearly expressed." That could be about how celebrities try to keep the details of their lives from their fans; that the girl in the song now sees being honest with people as a bad thing.
    mockingsmileon July 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a young actor girl who thought she was pretty and thought that that nobody would like her and she felt so lonley. But then She acted in the play and she bacme famouse and everyone seemed to love her. But soon after she got so caught up with the fame and atention that she started to become selfish and pushy. She pushed it so far that even her oun morals started to fall down. And in the end she wonders if everyone really loved her for her and not the actors veiw of herself.
    Quitesnoozeon April 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentopps i ment she thought she WASENT pretty.
    Quitesnoozeon April 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this song, like Ten Cent Blues, is Stacy's statement on young Hollywood. (which is probably why TCB made the album and this one didn't as well, since they both kind of cover the same topic).

    I don't think that Stacy (or the speaker in the song, if they be different people) is against "Truth" like mockingsmile says, but rather FOR privacy. Which is seriously lacking among young Hollywood... especially the people who show up in the tabloids alot. You can't have a private life if every time you walk the dog it ends up on the front page.
    I think Stacy has a fear of her life becoming like that.

    "You love me not the actors view of me."
    Is like her saying "you love me for me, not because other more famous people (Evangeline Lily, perhaps?) like/dislike me."
    goforgustoon September 21, 2007   Link

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