chorus: see life goes lights camera action death, moving too fast you never know what happens next, thats why i keep living whether know one knows my name
til i let the wrong shit slip out my mouth and blow my fame,

all the crowd wants is for you to go away,
i’m not up on stage thats why your show is lame
i like being mad i don’t want my anger managed, when i freestyle theres more people going o than the start of the star spangled banner
go crazy bite you grab you rear back and throw, thats why i’m one third animal one third cannibal one third catapolt
to be famous thats so many dumbasses goal, and keep spending money on ice til the cash is cold
if i think ya bitch is hot, i take her and slam her, cum in her eyes, turn around and wave to the camera,
ya think u a player cuz ya nail more than a hammer,
but its not cuz u became a player, you just lowered ya standards
bang her til i bend her spine,
she gets penetrated more than the new york jets offensive line
the more times ya mention me that raises the beefs severity,
so i ain’t scared to glare at people who it ain’t fair to compare to me,
see we could go all day through the pros and cons,
but the doc knows hope is gone when you don’t respond
speed demon so if you want to blast this fast asshole,
when you see me betta already have ya gun loaded and cocked with the trigger half pulled
mad with power everything i see i gotta conquer, you wouldn’t be the best rapper in the room at an operah concert
get beat up at your own fucking show,
the best line you ever made ended up in someones nose


you got talent so you think god or some kinda missionary,
you ain’t no leader, your just a dude with hours of free time and a dictionary
youll win in a battle to see who has the wackest crew,
you spit such horrible shit the microphone starts to talk back to you you think you can rhyme bitch you don’t have a chance
you wanna rap so bad rap your face in a plastic bag so what you freestyled at a party and got a cat ripped to bits
there were only 10 other people there and none of them even give a shit
so in life you’ll never be more than a coke fiend, plus what you squeezin is fake like michael jackson with a nosebleed,
you want in interview? while i’m killing i’ll say so how are you enjoying murder? i don’t hate you for being whack but that just annoys me further
so yea i wrote this lame rhyme, would you rather me stand all my enemies in this insane lane
and explain why i hate them all at the same time, meanwhile ya each getting impaled by a straight spike,
behind the mic twice a night,
bite a vicodin til it sticks to my teeth like a mike and ike
psyche just ride a bike off everst’s peak
and have my friend beat you to death with whatevers left of me

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