Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
Swear I didn't do what I did
I didn't watch her fall
No I didn't care at all
I just walked across the Golden Gate Bridge

Swear that there were no witnesses
The fog had just begun to creep in
It wrapped around my mind
Yeah, it wrapped around the moment
And to know that there were no witnesses

Yeah but she was something in her prime
Then she took to tweaking and lying
We used to dance and sing
Now we don't do a thing
Yeah but she was something in her prime

Now that bridge it's a modern miracle
Thousand of tons hung from the cables
But water's like concrete if you hit it at that speed
If she lived it'd be a modern miracle

Twas when I heard that foghorn blow
An ocean freighter crept down below
But I could hardly see, the icy wind was dicing me
I opened up my hand and let my pistol go
Into the fog below, foreshadow

Then I staggered to some tenderloin bar
Friends of ours had asked where you are
But I don't have a clue
You know I don't know what I'd do
Here's a dollar, go on jam it in your jar

And now lets drink to Joe
Joseph B. Strauss
Everybody in the house here's to old Joe Strauss
Mr. Joseph B. Strauss
The fantatic designer and architect of the Golden Gate Bridge
Connecting the gates of Marin to our beautiful city, San Francisco
Lets hear it for Mr. Joseph B. Strauss ladies and gentlemen

In the morning comes a knock on my door
My head was pounded from the long night before
I looked through my peephole
I started sinking in my soul
Some detective come a-knocking on my door
What for, huh?

So I opened up and I shook the man's hand
He says, "Uh good morning David I'm Inspector Callahan"
I said "That's got to be a joke
You're none of that dirty Harry bloke,"
But with a name like that I guess I understand
"Good morning Inspector Callahan"

So I offered the inspector some tea
And I say "Now why on earth have you, uh, come to visit me?"
He said "We found a body on Forth Scott, bullet riddled on the rocks
That's why I have come to visit thee
Wait a minute that's me
I think he's on to me

Then I looked him and he looked at me
Point of nervous and anxiety
I didn't know what to say
You could cut the tension with a knife

So then I noticed he had not touched his tea
I say "Now come on Harry you don't think it's me
You see I've got an alibi, I ain't the guy
I turned around and she just vanished into the sea
Twasn't me Harry

Besides I was memorized by the bridge
Sunday afternoon all the tourists and kids
Looking at that beautiful city
You know, and the was fog creeping in
One minute I saw it, the next minute it was gone
Just like her
You know we had an arguement
I thought she took a cab home
She does it all the time
She leaves without saying goodbye
It wasn't me Harry

Besides what color did they paint the bridge
It certainly isn't golden
It's orange vermillion
Isn't that it
Or is it international orange?
Say like the right wing would call it international orange
And the left wing would call it orange vermillion
Because it sounds more...orange vermillion sound more faggot, doesn't it?
International orange sounds stronger, sounds more right wing
So we have these issues here
What is it international orange or orange vermillion
I'd say international orange

He says "David I didn't come here to discuss the color of the bridge
I come here to talk about what happened last night"

Says I don't believe you're telling me the truth
You see I have evidence here to give me the proof
They found this pistol on a ship
The Chinese freighter Yom Dom Kip
This pistol here is registered to you
Is that true?

And that body that they found in the bay
Ballistics made the match just today
Besides they got it all on videotape
These pictures ain't a fake
I believe you'll be coming with me Double D
Okay Harry, you got me

I said "Okay, alright, I'll go in peace"
And the stupid-ass he didn't even cuff me
And I got into his car but his car did not go far
You see I had some plans to get myself free

Twas then I pulled a razor from my shoe
And I cut the inspector until the inspector turned blue
Then I ran into the street, you know the streets are sweet relief
I had some plans of coming to join you
My baby true, I'm coming to join you

Then I took a bus out to the Golden Gate Bridge
That same bridge was packed full of tourists and kids
I said "Kid, want to see a trick
Something twisted and sick?"
Then I jumped right off the Golden Gate Bridge

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Double Murder Suicide song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is so so so so so so SO good. But I think it's called Double Murder Ballad Suicide.
    CarouselOfPictureson September 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt is completely amazing, fantastic song. And you're right, it is Double Murder Ballad Suicide.
    pace_it_aceon October 01, 2007   Link

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