"Grand Unification (Pt II)" as written by and Dan Haigh Omar Abidi....
Covered and coarse
I could wait my turn
Too pay them all back
So Original,
Let's take it all back
You could hide but I won't, how do you know?

I can't believe it!
Take it away!
One look and you'll never leave,
Cause this can't hold, us down.

If I wake up
On my own
If something happens
Please come home
Wake me up before you go.

If you never know
It can never hurt
As much as this does
It's so original
Let's make this all work
You can run but I won't, how do you know?

I can't believe it!
Take it away!
One look and you'll never leave,
Cause this won't hold us down.

If I wake up
On my own
If something happens
Please come home
Wake me up before you go on.

You can't hold us down
This won't hold us down
You can't hold us down

If you wake up
On your own
If something happens
Please come home
Wake me up before you go
I hope you're happy on your own

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"Grand Unification Pt I" as written by Dan Haigh Omar Abidi

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Grand Unification (Pt II) song meanings
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    General CommentWell, as somebody posted in The Grand Unification Part I, the album is a concept album about the last day on Earth. What I see as happening, is this character broke up with his girlfriend (or whatever, bear with me), and then as the end of the world approaches he realises he didn't really want to leave her, and they try to fix things but they know it will be over soon. I think the 'hold my hand until the waves come' refers to some kind of tsunami that will swamp and destroy everything, maybe I'm just making links to the album cover. Oh well.
    ArcticTriggeron September 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI Think This Song Is Comparing The End Of A Relationship To The End Of The World
    I Love How It Starts Off Soft And Delicate And Becomes Fierce And Defensive
    Almost How Break-Ups Go
    At First You're Sad
    Then You Get Angry And Have Outbursts
    dirt_dusted_angelon June 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe only lyric i'm having trouble with is

    "you hold the porcelain to take me home"

    what does that mnea, the rest follows the whole theme but that seems really out of place
    Hayden16on January 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the other comments: first thing I think when I hear
    "you hold the porcelain to take me home"
    Is the porcelain urns used to hold someone's cremated ashes... But if it's the end of the world, who knows what use that's gonna be? XD
    Fez_Kuroon June 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think the song is about death (possibly euthanasia).

    With all apologies you wake me up
    >>Dying person being woken by a loved one. Full of apologies because they know it would be better to let them go during sleep, but wanting to speak to them for one last time.

    You hold the porcelain to take me home
    >>The porcelain is the cup with a last drink in it (possibly something to wash pills down, if euthanisia)

    Hold my hand until the waves come
    >>Waves is death (or heaven, god or devil) taking person away. and the holding hands is the need for someone to be there as you die.

    This is our last, take care love
    >>the last words between a couple. The dying person speaking.
    It won't stop, it won't stop a thing
    >>Nothing stops, even when someone dies. You have to carry on

    Lift when the song becomes heavy is the persons last breaths as they die and the calm following is once they are dead, peaceful.

    I think the song is too pogniant to be simply the breaking up of a relationship, it sounds like the death of a relative, lover, or member of close family.
    craigus17on June 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti know this doesnt agree with the whole "end of the world" thing, but i think its about someone being sick, and probably hungover.
    holding the porcealin is holding the toilet seat while theyre being sick
    and the "waves" coming, is the waves of sickness
    its probably not right, but just an idea.
    ellieyoon June 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti don't believe in God myself as im atheist but to me this is all a big song about how wen the end of the world comes and God will try his best to save us all. the apologies were from Jesus when he died at the cross for us, the second line i take it as we are God's porcelain dolls and he is to try one last time to save us. the waves are like wen the world was once flooded with Noah and God held his hand as such to save the planet as God can't let his creation die, as he loves it too much. the heavy part is as the earth is being destroyed and god protects us with all his might and power. and the narration is how humans are trying to understand everything and that all we have come to are a set of numbers. i will get back to these lyrics about the narration wen i look into it more....
    kisame_maskon September 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like how open to interpretation these lyrics are. I think all the explanations offered so far are right (except the hangover thing, that's just juvenile.)
    The image of waves could be a literal reference to the end of the world or they could represent death judgment or the rebirth of the world, all of which would be in keeping with the themes of the album. The one thing I can't understand is the narration and why it's included. It could be about feeling lost in the world but that's a wild guess.
    SillyHatManon October 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually this song seems to be about the human instrumentality project. I mean, Fightstar did say that this whole album was inspired by it after all.
    Kensei1985on October 21, 2008   Link

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