Si has perdido la fe
y has pactado con el mal,
pon tu alma en paz,
que de tu cuerpo yo me ocuparé.

A través del dolor
vencerás a Lucifer,
primero has de aceptar
que ser lesbiana es una enfermedad.

No omitas detalles, cuéntame
cómo os la montabais las dos,
y entonces yo te daré la absolución
desnuda en mi habitación.

Con la tortura obtendrás el perdón.
Acepta a Cristo y muere en nombre de Dios.

Muere en nombre de Dios!!!

Si quieres confesar
tu desviación moral,
que eres homosexual,
que entre tus piernas anda Satanás.

En el quemadero tú arderás.
El fuego purificará
todo pecado que tu cuerpo cometió.
La hoguera te hará a ti el amor.

Con la lujuria te condenarás.
Sólo nosotros follamos en nombre de Dios.

Si has perdido la fe
y has pactado con el mal,
por ser gay o bisexual
el Santo Oficio te exorcitará.

Con un auto de fe,
que aunque cruel es lo mejor,
para escarmiento de quien
no sigue la doctrina de la fe.

Pobreza, obediencia y castidad
es siempre obligado cumplir,
a no ser que seas Papa o seas Rey,
Obispo, o del Opus Dei.

Haz lo que diga, no lo que haga yo.
Tenemos dinero, poder, sexo en nombre de Dios.

Siempre en nombre de Dios!!!

Vendemos bulas,
compramos tus sueños.
Matamos en nombre de Dios.

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    General CommentAfter reading the letter, Azaak plunged into a deep sadness. She had a love too, Pedro de Alcazár, that intrepid cook that had taught her so much. Where could he be? -she thought-. Sara's green eyes had a special shining, and her white face faked a smile...
    -What is love to you, Azaak? -asked the jewish girl-.
    -Love can't be defined, everything important in this life, if you define it you just make it small; love as well as freedom is something you feel. It's like sex, it's stimulating talking about it, but to practice it is totally different -she replied-. I've noticed that here, sex, church sees it like something dirty.
    -Yes, Azaak, but that's something I should explain to you. Behind the doors every member of the church gives in to their sexual fantasies. Like I told you before, Azaak, I'm bisexual, I think my sexuality is free and mature, but here it's seen like some sort of monstrosity. One of my mistresses was forced to confess about our encounters to the Holy Office and that's why I'm confined here...
    -They interrogated you about it? -asked Azaak, interested-.
    -With luxury of details. -Sara stared into the emptiness, while she remembered the screams, insults and tortures...-
    Eliminationon April 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn the Name of God

    If you have lost your faith
    and made a pact with evil,
    put your soul to rest,
    I'll take care of your body.

    Through pain
    you'll defeat Lucifer,
    but first you have to accept
    that being lesbian is an illness.

    Don't skip details, tell me
    how did she fuck you,
    and then I'll give you absolution
    naked and in my room.

    With torture you'll obtain forgiveness.
    Accept Christ and die in the name of God.

    Die in the name of God!!

    If you want to confess,
    your moral devation,
    that you're homosexual,
    that between your legs is Satan.

    At the stake you'll burn.
    The fire shall purify,
    every sin your body commited.
    The bonfire will make love to you.

    With lust you'll be condemned.
    Only we fuck in the name of God.

    If you have lost your faith
    and made a pact with evil,
    for being gay or bisexual
    The Holy Office shall exorcize you.

    With an auto-da-fé,
    although cruelty is better,
    to teach those who
    don't follow the doctrine of faith.

    Poverty, obedience and chastity
    is always obligated to be followed
    unless you're Pope or you're King,
    Bishop or from the Opus Dei.

    Do what I say, not what I do
    We have money, power, sex in the name of God.

    Always in the name of God!

    We sell papal bulls
    we buy your dreams.
    We kill in the name of God.
    Eliminationon April 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAlright... there's a few things to explain here. A papal bull isn't a breed of bulls. A papal bull is a special kind of patent or charter issued by a pope and named for the seal (bulla) that was appended to the end to authenticate it.
    Auto-da-fé (sometimes also spelled auto-de-fe) was ritual of public penance of condemned heretics and apostates that took place when the Spanish Inquisition had decided their punishment (after the trial, that is). The word itself means "act of faith" on medieval spanish. It involved a Catholic mass, prayer, a public procession of those found guilty, and a reading of their sentences. Some people think it involved burning at the stake, hanging and/or torture, but that's false. Executions were done after the auto-da-fé, because it was a religious act, and the execution was not.

    This song, obviously, is on the Inquisition's point of view.
    Eliminationon April 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is a cover of the song "gates of babylon" from Rainbow.
    jay696on January 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song isn't a cover. Its jus the same melody
    irvc_415on March 21, 2008   Link

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