Ol' stankin ass (Hoe)
Jank ass (Hoe)
Suck my dick you (Hoe)
Ol' fat ass (Hoe)
We finna get these lame ass niggaz
You see a hoe ass nigga, call his ass out.

Fuck nigga yous a (Hoe)
Pull a trigga on that (Hoe)
Stomp his ass like (Hoe)
Ol' lame ass (Hoe)

I'ma tell you how it is nigga you betta get the fuck back
cause a nigga like me don't give a fuck
A nigga suppose to gon leave yo ass choked
if you know you ain't ready you gonna get drug
Off in the club you claimin yo set
I'm strapped wit my vest I shot in the air
You sound like a bitch yo ass I'ma hit
you tyin to go hide cause we gon be there
You ain't from that Wood you ain't from my click
you ain't from my row you neva could hang
You labled a duck we ready to buck
we don't give a fuck cause you is a lame
Step right here homeboy you bout it
he won't swing I know I doubt it
One hitter quitter yo ass get popped
so watch this parkin lot get rowdy
Watch this parkin lot get rowdy, watch this parkin lot go (ohhh)
Pop wit a glock and I stay wit a K
If you come my way I'ma act a fool
I walk in the club and I see me a nigga
Back the fuck up 'fore I show you who reala
Whats up wit ya fuck nigga
Crime Mob the niggaz who labled some killaz

Ol' sucka ass, busta ass, cryin to yo momma ass
I'ma keep up drama I'm a muthafuckin plum ass
See you just a dumb ass go on wit yo young ass
Try me like a sucka but I know you just a lame ass
Nigga how you figga that you reala than the MIG
Step off in my turf that Ellenwood gon be backin me
In my section they glad to see a nigga that don't give a fuck
Stomp you to the floor and tell you get yo pussy ass up
Pick that nigga ass up, tear his lame ass up
Niggaz representin Ellenwood time to mass up
Buck up out that M.O.B., said that my name is MIG
Throwin blows like Johnny Cage, you think you wanna fuck wit me
Let a damn nigga know, we can brang it to the door
Do this shit like Pastor Troy Uuh Huh I'm outside hoe
Swervin in the Tahoe, if you wanna try hoe
Take my fuckin word I ain't got no reason to lie hoe

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