Life shuts you down, life shuts you down
Suffocate inside when overkill surrounds

Pain kills the time, pain kills the time
Depression bends the rules and now you're losing your mind!

Close your eyes, another sunrise over and over!
Burn by the spoon and now you're dying too soon!

Paranoid opioid
Paranoid opioid

Got you living in hell, got you living in hell
Delusional truth got you under a spell

Death is on your back, death is on your back
And you can't survive when nihilism attacks

Close your eyes another sunrise over and over

Burn by the spoon and now you're dying too soon

Paranoid opioid
Paranoid opioid

Sun breaks through useless shade
Fall in love with a endless haze
Hard to find peace of mind

Burn by the spoon now you're dying too soon
Have you seen my mother

If the blood that your pumping is heartless
And you can't seem to make up your mind
And your soul is now shrouded in darkness
Just like your dying for the very first time

Just remember what reality taught you
And it wasn't always just for the thrill
You bow down to the one that lost you
And now the devil's going in for the kill

(You're in the arms of god)

Now you're six feet down now, now you're six feet down
Suicidal black and unholy ground

Guess we'll never learn, guess we'll never learn
Too slow to live too fast to burn

Close your eyes another sunrise

Burn by the spoon now you're dying too soon!

Paranoid opioid

Paranoid opioid

Paranoid opioid

Paranoid opioid

Lyrics submitted by Michael Jackass

Paranoid Opioid song meanings
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    General CommentThis song seems to have a lot to do with pain and suffering
    vexelpopson June 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMy guess would be that this song is about a heroin experience that went bad and induced paranoia.
    The part of the song that makes me think it's about heroin is when they say, 'Burn by the spoon and now you're dying too soon.' Black tar heroin is shot up by heating up the heroin in a spoon. He probably burnt himself on the spoon which drove him into a state of panic and paranoia that he was going to dye.
    That's basically it.
    catalyst989on July 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually this song is about doing coke not heroin. A Spoon is slang for coke spoon, besides heroin doesn't give you feelings of paranoia like cocaine does. Burnt by the spoon is meant to be taken figuratively not literally. Also the lyric "Sun breaks through useless shade" to me means being up all night till sunrise doing cocaine. In the song it ends up driving him crazy hence paranoid and then eventually dead from heart failure. This song also is a great companion piece to Black Sabbath's Snow Blind also about cocaine.
    FrankCastle1013on June 09, 2009   Link

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