"Vicky Verky" as written by Glenn Martin Tilbrook and Christopher Henry Difford....
With her hair up in his fingers
The fish and chips smell lingers
Under amber streetlamps
She holds the law in her hands
The moistness of the damp night
Falls silent through the lamplight
Although she's only fourteen
She really knows her courting
And up the railway sidings
There's him and her
They're lying
Hand in hand they whisper
You're my missus and I'm your mister
The moon as white and virgin
And she was on the turning
Remember your first nibble
When best friends were so little

They really trooped the colors
When walking with each other
And all her mates would giggle
As ladylike she'd wiggle
All along the high street
They'd splash out on an ice cream
He'd sometimes really treat her
But he'd done his mother's meter

Well he went off to borstal
He said that he was forced to
Rob the flats of hi fi's
'cause she was ill
And she would cry
Each morning she got sicker
Her mother sometimes hit her
If she'd have known the story
She would have been so sorry

He received a letter and admitted it
There was nothing else to do but get rid of it
Lonely in his dormitory
He'd sit and stare
If this is for real
And is it really fair

Summer came so they went
Down to the coast in his tent
She cooked upon his primus
And sampled local cider
She told him in his rucksack
I think i want that chance back
To be perhaps the one who
Will forever love you

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"Vicky Verky" as written by Glenn Martin Tilbrook Christopher Henry Difford

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    General Commentgreat song. its about this young girl and her older boyfriend and they love eachother. they decide to have sex and she gets pregnat. hes away at the military and gets a letter about it and how shes getting an abortion. and by the end of the song, they still love eachother.
    jjust a phaseon March 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell... not quite, I think. Maybe I'm wrong. Here goes.

    I think it goes, they fuck and they're happy together for some time. Then, the guy gets screwed into comitting heavy amounts of theft for some Robin Hood-type reason, gets sent to juvenile hall, and the girl's mother scolds her for getting involved with him in the first place (note "He said that he was forced to..." and "If she'd have known the story, she would have been so sorry"). Then while he's wasting away there, they write back and forth and realize they're not going really be able to continue their relationship. Fortunately, unlike the song's direct ancestor (Up the Junction), this story ends on a positive note, with the two reconciling during the summer.
    TheUniversalon January 16, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningA yes, Argybargy, that delightful album of bright music with darker subjects. This one is about a fourteen-year-old girl falling in love, getting knocked up, her boyfriend being (or becomming) a criminal ("Borstal" is a youth prison, not the military), having an abortion without her mother's knowledge of everything, being reunited with her boyfriend, and deciding she wants to get knocked up again (! -- "I think I want that chance back"). Fourteen-year-olds thinking they're in love, making really bad choices, causing a lifetime of consequences. Still, a very nice little tune.
    NAwlinsContrarianon May 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentExcuse me, I left out regretting the abortion.
    NAwlinsContrarianon May 12, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. it's really quite sad especially the happy ending when they're reunited. difford and tilbrook are amazing songwriters
    uncomplicatedon February 04, 2007   Link

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