They wash up on our shores with each tide,
Once they get in, they get a free ride,
I'm sick of it, i've got white pride,
Lets go and skin their worthless hides

Get out! get out! get out! (x2)

They come to our country and wreck the place,
Scare old ladies with their ugly ape face,
Niggers and spics selling blow,
All i can say is they've got to go

Get out! get out! get out! (x2)

Jews come in and buy everything up,
Ruined our economy, where does it stop?
Foreign scum and infectious queers,
You're not fucking wanted here.
Niggers and spics, dotheads and gooks,
Beaners and jews, towelheads and slopes.

Whoever called American the melting pot,
Should've been taken out and shot,
Our forefathers would probably roll in their graves,
If they knew we now have less than their slaves

Get out! get out! get out! (x3)
Get out! get out! get fucking out!

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