This place is going dead.
So snap our picture let's go down outside, you're so perfect in pink.
Black bracelet, I could never forget so let's drink up tonight.
You say, you say it, it's running through my veins,
well please stay safe you're seventeen.
Limousine will take us to meet the crowds never seen room for mistake,
but your best way out was her. Dresses and alcohol join.
Ill bring you back to your car first. So why we cry?
And we will soon forget.

Now were safe and so sound,
I can hear your heartbeat she whispers in the car.
Well travel east until you see Ironwood,
now it's understood, it's finally kicked in.
And as we stop by this gathering of fire at the rocks,
I've forgotten all your world and here's to one more,
a story told to scare, a tale to replace words
of no real meaning and such awful tasteless lips.
Dresses and alcohol join.
I'll bring you back to your car first. So why we cry?
And we will soon forget.

Let's say we were better than our bodies were found.
And I saw her but, there she goes, and there she goes.
Her bright face, black smile, we can't change that.

I never knew that a night could end so, so, so, so.
So there we were minutes from making it.
Celebrate we're finally done and gone.
And though this highway is all too long one more mile to the hotel.

This music's soft and it sounds so good to me,
you taste of liquor but who will care.
I almost fought to the death,
yet death had come to this fight.
Look, look now let's see who,
one twenty-two I softly worried not saying a word to the driver.
Just sing your favorite verse out of key,
I still think it sounds so good to me.

Let it go...

I bet you love me now, now that you've had your drinks,
it's been fun but it's always. This girl, loves fear.

This can wait I can't stay he said it's up here on the right
wait no I don't know, it's safe.
Where did you go when. Now all I see are faces,
pale to the touch close your eyes and sing, we're lost.

But the car had to much force to it. And the road is so unforgiving.
Windows shatter like dust and make glass streets and something for our feet.

But she asked can we slow down, traffic is time, so we drove and we drove and we drove.
Cause all we lost was years, oh well, think of this think of me think that.

And we will soon forget.

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A Story For Supper song meanings
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    General Commentthe title is actually a story for supper.
    thehighpopulationon March 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell man i read these lyrics a couple times and they are confusing. I love lydia tho and this is a great song.

    So seems to me..until about the end its about a guy who just wants to have sex with this girl - well maybe not but for some reason he desperately wants to get to a hotel with her, seems to me he plans to do her. Anyways so most of the song they are driving in this car and they are drunk as hell, they get close but then I think the car crashes 'But the car had to much force to it. And the road is so unforgiving.' but then...wat? i dont understand the first before the crash or anythign after. Do they die? maybe they don't actually crash? i'm so confused..anyone have any ideas?
    Noiz3on May 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti live in the same area as this band. if you travel east on US60 to Ironwood theres a place called "The Rocks" or "The Boulders" when i was in high school we all used to go out there, light a fire and party out there. still confused about the lyrics aswell though. not sure if there was ever a car crash out there or anything?
    christopher85on August 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI dont see this song as too confusing. Maybe I am just simplifying it. The guy is taking a girl to a hotel after a school dance, probably prom. They are driving while drinking. They crash. I think she dies, but he does not.
    fungi2510on March 26, 2007   Link
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    General Commenttheyre drinking but they have a driver? This song is so confusing for me. Well I dunno, it seems perfectly clear yet i can't wrap my finger around it.
    fauceton June 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyea it's definitely about a drunk driver and a car crash. it's eerie how when he's describing the crash the music changes. i like it. well not the fact that there is a crash, but it's a good song!
    Chels032on October 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyeah...i live here in az too. and yes, travel east towards ironwood rd. there is a place called the rocks and according to my brother there was a crash out there one night and two of the girls in the crash who died were named lydia and haley. that's where they got their name and the song "her and haley" apparently. i could be wrong though...idk. i didn't see anything about that anywhere...
    jwhopper624on March 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhat? there was a real crash? i wonder...i don't remember hearing that and i went to school in gilbert, az. maybe it happened before and they were just writing about it. Leighton is a lyrical genious though. Lydia is a truly unique group. hope they continue making music...I think maybe the song isn't from personal experience but a metaphor for High School aged teens.
    simentfon July 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI always thought that this song was about a guy and girl who are best friends and they are going to the prom with some of their friends.
    The first verse is describing the scene before they leave. Like, "please stay safe, you're seventeen" could be coming from a parent reminding to be safe.
    Anyways, the guy has had a crush on the girl for awhile now, and she is completely unaware. So....
    the second verse is them driving up to the rocks, and the girl is a bit wasted, and she's basically making a move on him. The rest of the song, they are in a car, heading for the hotel, and they crash, and the girl dies, which leads to the chorus. It also explains the line "well, all we lost was years".
    lenawithon August 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow. If what jwhopper624 says is true, it would explain a lot.
    I think this song is about liking someone, and then when they get drunk, you realize that they're really not so great.

    This also reminds me of the book Looking For Alaska. When the girl was driving drunk, she could see that she could be getting into an accident. she had enough time to decide if she wanted to crash and died, or if she wanted swerve away. She decided that she didnt want to live and just crashed purposely.
    I dont know.
    The great thing about Lydia is that the lyrics are all a mystery and written so that you make your own picture. Leighton doesnt like to explain himself, I saw an interview where the band mates said they didnt even know what Leightons songs are about.
    mk04mon August 25, 2008   Link

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