It's burning and it's burning, it's burning
A Fire Inside that I just don't believe
Some call it anger, some say frustration
But I think I call this big greed
This time the circus has left without us
and we couldn't run away
The fringe is the center now
Hey boys that's great

When I woke up in Hawthorne
I took Ocean down to the fairground to see everyone
So beautiful that I drown in the ways of the haircuts, the spin kicks and jumps
Well i got my bottled water and my nachos
It came in under twenty bucks
I got this bad taste in the back of my mouth
From my time on the back of a bus

This summer vacation, its cheap and its true
Its ideals are intact, its the best we can do
This time you turn into your own enemy
Not sell outs but dictated economies

These thieves, these thieves in their flip-flops and bro attitudes
Are the very reason we do what we do
When I say "fuck the man," its what I believe
No matter who that man happens to be
No matter who that man happens to be

This Kevin or that one, it all seems the same
Exploit the avenues, fix all the gains
Maybe they'll buy everything that you sell
But I'm outside these fences rolling fast down that hill

For your empty tale

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    General CommentIt's obviously about the Warped Tour. Does anyone know details about this whole story?
    Jerkeeon March 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song's actual title is called "Warped Summer Extravaganza" I posted an explanation under that title, but here it is again:

    This is Lawrence Arms just putting their hate of Warped Tour into a song. Rather than join the "dictated economies" they go on their own tour each summer the same time the warped tour takes place. They feel that warped takes away from smaller venues making money, so they offer a cheap tour each year for them...pretty classy
    jerseyredon September 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis will provide a little more insight:…

    Bobby: Why such the anti-Warped stance?

    Brendan: Well, it has to do with the fact that Warped Tour, it’s destroying the economy of DIY; and it’s doing it very methodically and very successfully in that [the] summer touring season used to involve a bunch of bands, like Alkaline Trio for example, jumping on buses and taking smaller bands, like us and the Black Maria for example, on tour. There would be all these bands that would do that, so all these support bands would have great tours to go on. Kids in every town would have a bunch of different shows to go see, like over the summer. Small clubs would have big, good shows at least once a week if not twice a week, three times a week; and kids would have stuff to do. Now, all those big bands go on the Warped Tour. When they come to town, it’s for one day. It’s in a band shell, small clubs all across the US are closing down, they can’t offered to be open. Bands like us have to tour against the Warped Tour, which sucks; or tour on the Warped Tour, which sucks even more. And you know it’s in a fucking big band shell; and the fact is, every single person who would read this interview, got into this at least in a tiny, little way thought there was something cooler than going to a band shell and buying twelve dollar bottles of water and standing there watching your favorite band play from like a million feet away. Now people talk about the Warped Tour like it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to punk rock, it’s not the greatest thing to ever happen to punk rock - it’s single handedly dismantling the whole thing we’ve been fucking building for all this time and nobody gives a fuck. And bands, big bands that play the Warped Tour say things like “Oh, it’s great, you only have to play it for half an hour” and it’s like “Fuck you! This is your job, I don’t care how hard you don’t have to work in order to get paid; like you’re fucking everybody!” And that’s why it’s the biggest tragedy. And that’s why it’s the worst thing to ever happen to punk rock, or DIY music in general.
    ikickedagirlon December 14, 2009   Link

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