"Yours Truly, 2095" as written by and Jeff Lynne....
I sent a message to another time,
But as the days unwind, this I just can't believe,
I send a note across another plane,
Maybe it's all a game, but this I just can't conceive

I drive the very latest Hover car,
I don't know where you are
But I miss you so much till then,
I met someone who looks a lot like you,
She does the things you do,but she is an IBM

She's only programmed to be very nice,
But she's as cold as ice, whenever I get too near,
She tells me that she likes me very much,
But when I try to touch, she makes it all too clear.

She is the latest in technology,
Almost mythology, but she has a heart of stone,
She has an IQ of 1,001,
She has a jump suit on,and she's also a telephone.


Is that what you want - is it what you really want.

I realize that it must seem to strange,
That time haz rearranged,but time haz the final word
She knows I think of you,she reads my mind,
She tries to be unkind,she knows nothing of your world

Although her memory banks overflow
No one would ever know,all she says is that what you want
Maybe one day I'll feel her cold embrace,
And kiss her interface,until then I'll leave her alone.


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"Yours Truly 2095" as written by Jeff Lynne

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Yours Truly, 2095 song meanings
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    General CommentThe entire Time album takes place toward the end of the 21st century, in this case 2095. The song is written as a letter back in time to his girl friend, saying that he now has a robot woman who can do almost anything and yet because she is not human and, more importantly, not his girlfriend, he is very sad and does not enjoy all the new technology.
    GrandZ13on March 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThat's right on to what I think. The guy has found a new girlfriend who is a robot, but she does not love him and vice versa.
    webmasterdeeon August 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThere are a couple of mistakes in the words as I tried to sing along to the song.... "but she's only cold as ice," should be "but she's as cold as ice,". The other spot is... "and she's also a telephone." I do believe the and should be removed.
    Machtynon August 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHe has left a lover but has found someone else. The new person, however, is only a shadow of the person he left. The new person can do many amazing things and probably is a younger person and maybe even more beautiful. But the new person cannot replace the love he had for the other lover. The person in the song feels that perhaps he will eventually feel love for the new lover, but for now he only longs for the old lover.
    Scifiboy2002on May 21, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation"She's only proven to be very nice" is supposed to be "She's only programmed to be very nice", I'm fairly sure.
    Ndsfreakon December 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTime for some necromancy, I suppose...

    I hear interesting subtext in the female vocals in this song-- presumably the views of the super-intelligent android girlfriend who is programmed to be subservient.

    "I love you sincerely"-- well, we know this is a lie. She's *only programmed* to be very nice, after all, and when he tries to touch, she makes it all too clear. She has a heart of stone.

    "Is that what you want? Is it what you really want?" This, to me, is the direct challenge to the male singer, and perhaps to anyone putting the idea of robot girlfriends forward. "Is it what you *really* want?" Do you really want someone who's only programmed to love you, whose affections are lies?

    And listen to the venom and sarcasm in that "is THAT what you want?" So, is it what you want? A hollow slave who has no choice, and who, inside, does not and probably cannot love you?

    Or would you rather have real love?
    Unka Joshon May 20, 2017   Link

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