Walking in the seashore twilight,
It's then you spy carnival lights,
You slowly near the magic sight,
Tangerine sky minus one kite.
Take time an' tie your pretty hair
The gypsy driver doesn't care
If you catch your hair in the ferris wheel on top,
In the ferris wheel on top.

A silver bicycle you shall ride,
To bathe your mind in the quiet tide.
Far off as it seems your hair will mend
With a Samson's strength to begin again.
Take time an' dry your pretty eyes,
Watch the seagull fly far-off skies
To build its nest in the ferris wheel on top,
In the ferris wheel on top.
If ever I reach her.

And the moral here, if any, my friend:
Follow through your dream to the end.
Dig the seagull fly across the sky
To build its nest in the ferris wheel,
In the ferris wheel

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    General CommentI agree with the seagull building the nest from the hair being a "everything is connected" mentality. I interpret the rest of the song as a giant metaphor, the Ferris wheel being representative of life and how we have to follow through our dreams no matter what. In the beginning she is going through life and pursuing her dreams but her hair gets caught (something comes in her path that stops her), but he says even though it seems lost, you will recover from this fall and with "Samson's strength" you can pick yourself up and keep going.
    ramblingboyon May 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentWOW...I love this song. I just listened to it while under the influence of marijuana, (haha). Let me tell you how I heard him beautifully sing these lyrics.

    A girl walking on a moonlit shore, sees a carnival in the distance. she goes, then gets in line for the ferris wheel, and I think the point of mentioning her hair being caught in the top, is just to show that she is at the top of the ferris wheel. i'm not sure about the second verse, but here is what i think lines by lines. she shall ride bicycle by the shore to clear her head, Then her hair will heal from being caught in the ferris wheel, and she is going to need "Samsons strength'' to go through this process. then dry your eyes of the tears, and look what the seagull went through to make her nest, you need strength to achieve your dream. And then he says ''if ever i reach her'', by saying this he lets it be know that they BOTH are trying to reach a dream, and it deepens the song. Her dream is to repair her hair? idfk, but his dream is to reach her, get to know her, she must have been good looking. AND THE MORAL TO tHE STORY-follow your dreams to the end,, kinda explains everything right there. Then once again, look what the seagull does.

    I love ferris wheels after this song.

    Ok i love the beat and bass to this song, give both some more attention next listen you give it, the lyrics are amazing, but the way he sung them! the melody is amazing. it has an all-knowing, dreamy feel to it. I love it.
    adobe830on December 14, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationI just think that if her hair gets caught in the ferris wheel, a seagull will come and build a nice nest out of it. It just means to me that everything is connected, or happens for a reason... About the silver bicycle, I think that's a drug reference but I don't know for sure. I love the image that this song creates in my mind. I can totally imagine a carnival right off the beach and the sun is setting and the sky is an orangey tangerine color. This song makes me feel so mellow :)
    Rhodaon November 16, 2008   Link

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