It's a battle of attrition that we're losing week by week, filled with hollow halls and unanswered calls and empty city streets. We're losing all our friends to distant postal codes. And this stack of letters on my desk is a poor substitute for flesh and bone.

I feel like a sabretooth tiger, slipping slowly into the tar and we hear the awful strains of boredom when we're playing the guitar. The weight of responsibility seems so heavy it could kill and if these fleas they don't suck me dry, I fear this city will.

Sometimes motion is the only things that keep us alive.

Sometimes home is less where you live and more where you lay your head. Sometimes hardwood floors and sleeping bags feel better than a bed. We've been on the road for almost two weeks now and we're not sure we want to quit. Because, even broken strings when everybody sings, they only sting a bit.

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    Song Meaningfrom the Defiance, Ohio website:

    "This is the last song I ever wrote as a resident of Columbus, Ohio. I wish it could have been a more eloquent elegy for a town that, despite its faults, has proven to be such a large part of the person I’ve become. I also feel like I should be somehow penalized for writing a song about being on tour and that uses the phrase “on the road”, as I’m sure I’ve made fun of that phrase many times myself. I wrote these words after having a conversation with BZ where we both decided that we would rather be on tour than watch our friends flee the city or mope sadly alone in their houses. It was hard to accept that something like going on tour, which has always seemed pretty unnatural to me, was a bigger part of my life, or maybe just made more sense at the tume, than trying to struggle with my friends to be happy in Columbus, or the education that I had just finished, or the relationships that I was trying to figure out. So, this song, for me at least, isn’t really about being on tour, or traveling, in any more than a superficial sense. It’s about realizing that the life that you live is the one that you choose — that you can be happy with that life, or you can choose a different one, but you can’t do either of those things without first accepting what it is that your life has become."
    elevatorladyon March 25, 2012   Link

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