Although the futures looking unclear
Just close your eyes and I’ll be here
Standing by your side
Together in our memories
The memories mean so much to me
I miss you most on winter mornings
The snow falls like the diamond tears I shed
Close your eyes and listen to what I’ve said

I miss you more than words explain
There are no words worthy of our pain
I’ll write another page of our sad, sad story
It’s like a movie just without the glory
You’re just so beautiful
You never bled in photographs
You never bled, no
Did you hear a word I said?
You’re just so beautiful

This tragedy is beautiful, you know
And I can’t stop the rain from falling, no
But I won’t let it get to you
We have to fight against the current
And this constant static tearing us apart
Even when this body breaks away
You’ll remain inside this shattered heart
Who will save us from this hurricane?

Close your eyes and leave the world behind
Slip into a dream with a happy ending
You can look but no you’ll never find it
We can run but no they’ll always find us
The pain shines like a brilliant shattered shard
I know it’s hard to make it on your own
But no, you’ll never be alone
Close your eyes let me be your shadow
A ghost of you, an illusion
Constant confusion calling every day the rain falls
Drowning in a deluge of doubts, no I can’t
I can’t let this get to me
I will fight

I heard an echo in an empty room
I thought it was your voice, calling out to me
But no, it never was
This is sadder than the saddest movie
A tragedy but still with beauty
The skies are turning shades of reds and grays
Don’t listen to what they said
I’m a thousand miles away, no
You’re my drug, you’re my curse
You’re the pain but you’re the cure
It’s been like autumn since the day that I met you
And we’ve hit bottom but we won’t crawl out alone, no

You looked so beautiful that night
As we danced underneath the moonlight
The stars flooded the scene with light
Oh my god, it had to be a dream
I can’t take this feeling anymore
Can you feel me?
The pain that dwells in my swollen heart
And the scabs left on my wrist from my darkest days
Make me wonder
Was it worth it?

The butterflies can’t save you
From broken bones and broken hearts
It hurts when there’s nothing I can do
To stop you from slowly falling apart
There’s nothing I can do to save you
When I’m so far away
Let me save you
I want to save you
Promise me that you will stay
Through thick and thin with me
It won’t look this way forever
But I would wait forever
Blame it on the weather
But we’re a mess
But I will fight….

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