A Funeral, A Lantern: To guide us,
And this Body across the river.
"He floats like driftwood."
"He'll tote behind us."
All around, the Patiently Waiting.
Their lips whispering, whispering.
And in their breath the lamplight dances.
Flickering, Flickering: "Halleluiah!"
Flickering, Flickering: "But who turned out the lights?"
And in a procession of this pitch--
Nearly perfectly plucked from the blackest nest,
Hungry mouths agape for the taste of flesh and blood sacrifised
Like rats to the river or packs of children enchanted by the tune of the pipe--
This funeral song is the only form of progression we know.
Nail the arch of the hooved-beast above your door,
Opposite crucifix-topped headboards
Where you lay your head but no sleep doth arrest your soul.
(And if salvation don't come, If salvation don't come, cry,)
"Oh God, if you take me, dont let me walk alone."

(Dear Congregation)
Quote me something to justify.
Now something to condemn.
Tell me how much I'm loved,
And how I'm going to Hell.
What does that say of you
And the free-will that you claim God has given us?
This is my right to Choice,
My obligation to Question.
Call it Divine Intervention
Or just Human Nature.
Quote me something to justify.
Now something to condemn.
Tell me how much I'm loved.
And that I'm going to die, and my face will fade
Into the dark, floating away.
Someday I'll see you in the dark.

A rose, a rose, a thorn: A briar patch.
With blossoms blooming, burning, burning.
Where ivy clings, the vines are turning
First green then brown then red then black then nothing.
The wind picks up, the ashes fly.
"Look Alive!"

A letter, date missing:
"Dear Mother, Dear Father,
Mutiny's rising. I'll soon meet my maker!
Oh my god! (What's your name?)
Oh my god! (Now say my name.)"
But the magic is lost
As the palms hoist their burden,
(Heave!) The first-born son
(Ho!) To the obsidian water.

Raise your hands! Close your eyes!
Sing aloud! Give Praise!
Sing your songs of Halleluiah,
Let your spirit flow right through you.
And the spirit lead by emotion
Is the same that I'm evoking.
And some day...

"In the darkness together,
We'll float on forever,
Searching for a shore
We'll never find." **
And when we're finished
And we've paid our penance,
Can we finally, finally
Get some fucking sleep?

(Don't tell me that everything happens for a reason.
Nothing happens for a reason.
You live your own way,
Let me live mine.
Because we only die once,
And its for oh so long.)

** written by tyler d walters

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    General Commentthis song is pretty awesome.
    does anyone else notice any CTTS influence? maybe im just crazy, but it kinda reminded me of CTTS with the guy/girl duo and lyrical style a bit...
    cry0nicson March 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI notice it, too. It doesn't help that both this song and most of CTTS is just one negative reflection on God after another.
    Northstaron July 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commenttheyre friends with circle, and tyler is influenced by them we had the talk hahaha.
    pandaxcoreon July 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhat album is this off of?
    chaosvcosmoson September 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWhen I first heard this I was like "....why am I reminded of CTTS so much?". Glad to see I'm not alone thinking that.
    loveletterson October 11, 2008   Link

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