Don't you say
don't you ever ever say that it was worth it for the profit.
Another day
when I wait there shit-faced
Then I smile when I'm on and sing the songs that I did not write.

And they'll dance to it.
And I'll smile and I'll get paid.
Baggy pants are stupid.
Alt-rock, Skynyrd, play another song I hate.

I'll just stay on the state streets
Complaining that it's all the same
but too lazy to change anything.
And I can't spend another day thinkin'
These places on street signs are
the only places that I've ever been.

Drink a free beer,
maybe smoke with the waiter.
(It's) the illusion that they all give a shit.
And some drunk guys yelling
"Free Bird!" and "Show us your boobs!"
and I'll smile and I'll key their truck.

And it sucks so bad
But I made one Benjamin.
How can I be mad?
I paid one seventh of my rent
And maybe I'll buy a plate of eggs.

I'm not feelin' Minnesota.
I sit next to an ATM and people check their balance during my set.
And play cover songs from the 90's
by one-hit-wonders, Chumbawumba, Tubthumper
and a jersey-wearing motherfucker withdraws his twenty bucks.

words and music by laura stevenson & jeff rosenstock

Lyrics submitted by KeasbyKnights

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    General CommentAwesome lyrics. Awesome song. Awesome.

    And I HATE lynrd skynrd, regardless of what my parents may tell me.
    dcrudeboyon March 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBomb the Music Industry says: Laura Stevenson wrote this song about this gig that she was really bummed about doing. She's a singer/songwriter and plays in bars and stuff. This is about doing that and having redneck idiots (because for some reason EVERYWHERE is filled with redneck idiots) shouting "show us your knockers!!!" or "play some skynyrd man!!!!" So anyway, Laura writes this song... this SKA song and obviously is like "hey, jeff, i wrote a ska song! isn't that weird!" because it IS weird because she doesn't write ska songs. But I get really awkward when people play songs for me 'cause I usually hate them. So, I covered my eyes and put my head in my lap and she played and sang the song for me and it was actually REALLY REALLY good. So I told her I liked it. She didn't like the words and didn't know how to end the song, so I added the bridge, put a bunch of "fucks" in there, and voila! song! (music and lyrics by laura stevenson and jeff rosenstock)
    KeasbyKnightson February 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentcompletely insane. Basically.. there trying to show that music is about showing how you feel... and the guy who wrote this must have been completely insane!
    creedsteron July 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfreebird is won of the worst songs ever
    mechpope13on February 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love that this song is called Free Bird, it's genius. What better way to solve the Free Bird chant in gigs than name one of your own songs Free Bird? :P

    Great message, brilliant song.
    Wackieston November 23, 2010   Link

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