Drive across the country, tell your story walking.
No one's keeping you captive in the town that let you down (so sorry).
Blame it on the television, blame it on the company;
Don't blame it on the fundamental fact that no one owes you something.

"I've come about my share, i only want what's fair.
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not greedy.
Like everybody else, i wanna pay my dues.
(I only want someone to tell me who to make the check out to.)

Maybe we could run away and start a little repertory moviehouse or something."
she said, "sorry but i think you might be just projecting
(but here's the dough)."

Pike street to park slope, Brooklyn.

"A community of dabblers who are vain and fond of biting backs
('we hate it when our friends become successful')
And a different school whose energies are spent evading income tax...
And silicone enhancements by the breastful.

Maybe we could run away and start a little repertory moviehouse or something."
she said, "sorry but i think you might be just projecting on to me.
Why don't you try LA?"

"Well when you like something, it's an opinion
But when i like something, it's a manifesto."
(pomposity is when you always think you're right arrogance is when you know.)

"Maybe we could start a little independent repertory moviehouse or something." she said,
"Sorry but i think you might be just protecting your investment or else assigning blame."

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Pike St - Park Slope song meanings
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    General CommentJeff: This is a song by Harvey Danger and is a piano ballad in it's original form. I always liked it though, especially the lyrics which Harvey Danger always do exceedingly well. This was one of three songs I was thinking of covering ("Bastards of Young" by the Replacements and "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies were the other two) when I decided to see how all my recording shit worked. I actually wanted to put out mini-EPs of cover songs every month, a different artist every month but that turned out to be too much work after I started dealing with this one. For some reason, the tracks to this song were always allocated to my computer (small hard drive) instead of my hard drive (big hard drive) so it became almost impossible at the end to mix it in any way whatsoever. When recording the vocals and guitar parts, there was all this delay because the computer had to process everything, so I had to go in and line all the tracks up by hand, and then the computer would tell me there wasn't enough memory to do THAT, i'd have to restart it and do a little bit more and repeat. So this was a royal pain in the ass and doesn't sound too great but it's the best I've got. It's a shame because I really really do like the song, and the arrangement should have been pretty cool. But I'm also relieved I didn't do this on any of the songs I wrote. (from the album "King James Version" by Harveey Danger)
    KeasbyKnightson February 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is my favorite Bomb the Music Industry song. I don't know what it is about it, but the song is very poignant. I make sure to sing the second refrain of "Brooklyn!" in full gusto, too, every time. The song is just awesome.
    e_man182on May 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAnybody who hasn't checked out Harvey Danger yet, you really need to. They're so much better than their "90s alt rock one hit wonder" reputation might have you believe. King James Version is one hell of a good album.
    punkpirateon March 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAlright, I will...
    I really like Flagpole Sitta.
    MissNeuroticon March 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTheir newest album is free on their website for download, and it's super good. Moral Centralia's probably my favorite on there.
    LuckyDucky8676on October 14, 2008   Link

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