We don't want black people being muslim, we want 'em loving Jesus
So they can yell and scream in church on Sunday, sober up with me on Monday
Them from bloody Jesus, me from Bloody Mary.
We don't want black people being muslim, no, we love it when lovers scream in unison OH JESUS
I imagine there's some woman somewhere whispering, "Oh Muhammad" with Dan Rather in her ear telling her about the sniper.
It's not enough we gotta live in New Orleans, now this.
Muhammad born right down the block taking potshots hit or miss.
Just when Isidore, the first Jewish hurricane hit the shore, drew us together with a heavy rain.
And Lili Marlene, the Nazi love song battering our hollow coast for newer lanes
Then the Saints come marching in and out
Governor Edwards gone to prison with his bible in his hands
It's a new religion no doubt.
I got the shakes...I got the sheikhs in Araby
I tried to be free, tied to a tree. Fit to be tied. Tied to be fit, befitting all who bring me fears of what's with the West Bank? I mean Algiers.
I go to see my girlfriend Boo dancing at the Gaza Strip.
The crescent and the star of Islam is the Crescent City titty bar, one time against the Catholic cultural spasm. Yelling, singing, dancing during or-jazz-um.
And the Saints marching and the Jazz gone to Utah.
I can't help it when it come to gospel music or any other kind of song, Mormon sound like moron.
Thank god my girlfriend Boo, brown skin, we can have a lot of golden children.
More everything than Middle Eastern anything, always nag nag nag nagging about America, duh.
Give me drunk ol' coon-ass swamp butt any time over any goddamn sand nagger
Oh, Russia got the message, Muslims will blow up the theatre. What a gas.
Put the boot in Putin. Put the boot in Putin.
So there's no problem pushing Bloody Mary, loving her White Russian.
In deference to the Mormons, they may save America yet from the Muslim threat.
And the Muslims, they can only have four wives, but with the Mormons the sky's the limit.
I don't care what the church decrees, that Utah Jazz is aimed to please.
It all makes sense, I'm in the middle of a mid-death crisis and a near-life experience.
'Cause Sarah, Sarah said to me "I dreamed you were beating up famous people."
Guided by Voices, nice as she is Sarah, Sarah, hit the streets and they hit back. Guarded by Vices.
What Sarah between us says, "Do my socks, here's fifty cents, call me when they're clean."
I must be Muslim, I got four wives. Sarah Sarah, Lisa Lisa.
One is Sarah Bellum, she starts the war. One is Sarah Broom, she sweeps up the mess.
Lisa Lisa gives me A New Lisa-on life.
One for the money, two for the show, three for Jesus and four for Mo-hammad would be proud of me down to the bone.
Woman, shaped like a bone--parallel lines heart-to-heart shaped ending, land of milk and heinie bending for the end. Ich bin ein deutsche lebendige-Legend. Und die Muslim professor said Jerry Falwell should be more respectful of Islam. Because Jerry called the prophet Muhammad a terrorist.
But I say Jerry don't have to be respectful of anything or anyone.
He's an American...

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We Don't Want Black People Being Being Muslim, We Want 'Em Loving Jesus song meanings
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