Lost Toyz

drrty byl:
drryy byl up in this drrty byl style. i wanna tell you a little story about some things that happened to me when a long time ago when i was a little kid, all sorts of bad things that i did. things that i lost, things that i tossed, because you know, my mamma was the boss, in this game. took away all the things that prevented me from bringin the fame.

snoopy put the tape in my butt.
snoopy put the date in my butt.
put the date stamp on the five year old scene,
took snoopy to the garage sale dream.
gave him to a little mexican boy named Juan,
he know he was a little boy; he loved to play swans.
with his little mexican girly-girly-friend,
and she always wore the hood,
and she always knew she could,
play the stand up bass in the mexican band,
playin it with a mexican man,
friends daddy was the name Jesus Pedro Gonzalez, you know,
he was the guitar player, yo.
he always would snort the mexican co-caine from south of the border,
man you know he would scrub his armpits with the ...?
that he stole from the back of my car,
with my 12-inch subwoofer, he got far.
cause i didnt even catch him, when i ran down the street,
little Jose didnt even make a little baby peep.

mexicans ran off last week,
with my MX-6, it was so un-sweet.
how am i gonna take my girl for an ice cream treat,
rock it on the beat, down the mean streets of the southside,
i was so full of pride, i had red-tip hubcaps on my ride.
down, in the southside, there was nothin; it was hot. rockin it.
rockin it, non-stoppin it. just a like a clock, and it,
was...ill, in the middle of the night,
i was standin there; i was full of fright.
it was a sound of shatterin glass,
and then i felt someone kick me in my ass,
because i was hangin out, watchin over my ride,
there was nothing left for me to do but cry (and cry) and cry (and cry.)

2:45 mick mack:
and then. out the el camino,
dropped my zap-it gun, if you know what i mean-o.
all the liquid ink fell out,
hit the street and it shot into my mouth,
boom, boom! that ink
hit me right in the dome; didnt even know what to think,
sent me right onto the concrete,
didnt even know if i would be bomb-beat,
on the street,
and then i fell down; died,
hit my little emo head
cause-a my zap-it gun.
i was fed UP!
i said fuck it, gotta go up; get some revenge,
right about now, gotta make these ends...meet,
on my gangster-ass street.
reach for my zap-it gun, go to see those kids,
im gonna kick em in their bibs
in their chest, in their stomach,
with my zap-it bullets, their bodies will plummet
to the floor...
kick down the front door!
when i come in the house,
they wont even hear me; i'll be creepin like a mouse, then pt-pt-pt-pt-pt-pt!
right in their face, right in their chest
i hit em, and they didnt even know. the breast:
gone. their ribcage: out.
then they went and pouted
to their fathers and brothers,
and even their sisters and mothers.
they were dead. they didnt know what to think,
but i shot em with my zap-it gun in the kitchen sink,
in the refrigerator. in the microwave. in the dehydrator.
hid their bodies!

drrty byl:
necrosive flesh on the left, on the right,
gonna sleep with it all night
have a good time, last week.
but thats ok because i will not,
persist my kicking of your head;
your body in my bed
dont want to think about you cause youre dead.
buried you alive.
(trying to stay alive) trying to stay alive.

Lyrics submitted by CSutherland

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