"Death In Vogue" as written by Emil Nodtveidt, Andreas Bergh, Skinny Kangur and Ole Ohman....
The masquerade is a show for the starcrowds
It's death in vogue in saturnalian nights
The heart we share is a virus in our chests
A black piece filled with darkness and dead meat

Now our hearts beat on
The black is back in the deep
I see a million of nations
In blank and hot leather...

This black syndicate is a burning ballroom
Dirt, drinks and pills and Gucci drenched in blood
The flag we raise is held for the dead dolls
So now we'll watch all angels parade in black uniforms

Now our hearts beat on
The black is back in the deep
I see a million of nations
In blank and hot leather

Puppets without strings
Now Join the show
Demons without wings
We are death in Vogue

Ten tons of lungs roar into the black vault
It's disease, glam and champagne filled with nails
The syndrome is sucked into white bloodcells
And we march as vamps and wolves on red human oil

The faceless ones...
The leather swept ones that bring hate in tons
The faceless ones...
The subversion of laws through the rule of guns

Here they come as the models and machines
And see the dolls twist inside of their dreams
I see the puppets whisper with manic tongues
Feel it, scream it out from the top of your lounges!

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"Death In Vogue" as written by Emil Nodtveidt Andreas Bergh

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    General CommentI'm sorry, you guys, I just have to contradict what you're all saying on this one.
    This song is like, the "deathglam anthem", if you will.
    Deathglam being the 'scene', for lack of a better word, made famous by Deathstars themselves.
    As an avid follower of said 'scene' [God, I hate that word.], I really can relate to what these lyrics are trying to portray here.
    I can see what you're getting at, but deathglam really is the heart of what this song portrays.
    Love it, too. One of my favourites by Deathstars. =]
    LucraxiDybbukon March 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHm, is it a song about "untrue" goths? ^^

    Maybe, but I think there could be even a deeper and more hidden meaning in it: It could also be a song about not doing what one wants to do but what mainstream dictates, the on thing that the "true" goths despise more than anything else, though many of them seem to do excactly that.
    Neithanon April 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentVogue is a celeb magazine in the uk dont know about elsewhere it maybe on about how fake the celebs are.
    ZeZenon November 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm not entirely sure of the meaning, but it's definitely to do with fashion (Vogue usually refers to mainstream fashion, but you're right it's a European fashion magazine too).

    I think it's probably how many people see "gothic" as fashionable. "Gucci drenched in blood", "angels parade in black uniforms", and "the heart we share is a virus in our chests", "it's disease, glam and champagne filled with nails" is about how people catch it. "And see the dolls twist inside of their dreams", they try to act gothic (by listening to mainstream pop-rock) and it changes them, because they abandon who they are and become twisted in an attempt to "find themselves", if you get what I mean?

    My ideas anyway =/
    kuviteltuon September 25, 2007   Link

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