"Trinity Fields" as written by Emil Nodtveidt, Andreas Bergh, Skinny Kangur and Ole Ohman....
Here he comes as you pray
Like shot lambs you crawl
Here he comes as you pray
Oh, shot lambs now fall

Hear him breathe as you pray
His tongue licks your palms
Feel him seduce when you pray
There 's oralsex in his psalms

All the seeds that you have planted
Upon Trinity Fields
And those crops that thrive inside of you
Grow like thorns through your praying hands

Hear him scream as you pray
The cold father and sin
Feel his soft and sick tongue
Lick your christian skin

There's a ruin in the heart of this plain
A rose that withers and dies
So leave the fields and join the insects
Join the lord of flies

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"Trinity Fields" as written by Emil Nodtveidt Andreas Bergh

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    General CommentThe topic is a really basic one: "Don't follow blindly the words of authority" which is as very often in the guise of church.

    I think the really interesting lines are the last two:
    "So leave the fields and join the insects
    Join the lord of flies".
    The meaning is very easy to decifer as "Turn away from god (authority) and join satan".
    But why? Just leave one false god to follow the next?

    Or does it maybe refer to satanism, wich is in fact not the worship of satan but the way of doing everything in the opposite way that authority demands. As always authority is in the guise of god (maybe this image even originated in satanism) and the opposition of god is satan, so satanism is opposition to any authority.

    If "Join the lord of flies" is directed at satanism and not at satan, these lines would make much more sense, but maybe they are meant to make no sense and should just tell, that even those who claim to be free of the rules of authority just follow another "god".

    To all those who now got interested into satanism: The thought of liberation is a good one, but satanism is the sick perversation of this thought. Be interested in liberty but stay away from satanists: Most true satanists (not those crazy guys who worship the devil) are not what they seem to be and are in fact one of the most horrible authorities of all.
    Neithanon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsimply,just don't go too far?
    KuroKupoon July 25, 2006   Link
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    General Commentor just, think before you say what you believe? hmm.. deep lyrics.. -_-
    Moojkenon January 26, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationMaybe don't be afraid of nature.

    "A rose that withers and dies
    So leave the fields and join the insects"

    Insects can fly, so maybe it's a sense of freedom. Insects are free to just be themselves, they don't over-think life and are not controlled by unnatural influences like weird cultural forces that people are vulnerable to.

    A rose is beautiful, and is the sexual organ of a plant. Insects enjoy flowers; some of them pollinate plants.
    SiderevsNvncivson April 21, 2015   Link

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