Everybody's talking
Nobody's listening
Everybody's sweating
Nobody's glistening

Nobody knows what he's thinking
Doesn't really step out even when he's drinking
Seems kind of creepy seems like the kind that stalks
Nobody knows when he's sinking
Always looks pensive whether or not he's thinking
To him it seems to him it screams
Everyone's just waiting to talk

Everyone's waiting to talk, Lord
It's all so terribly awkward on the verandas in the front halls
In the bus station's bathroom stalls
Yes it seems everyone's just waiting to talk

What must he be thinking?
Can we even guess?
He's not really linking
Himself with the rest
Does he know our big secret?
Has one of us confessed?
'Bout the wires circuits and motors
Buried in our chest

It's all just a pointless equation
This parabolic conversation
Like two distinct lines
Never the twain shall meet
Never? No never

Nobody knows what he's thinking
Doesn't really step out even when he's drinking
To him it seems to certain extremes
That everyone's waiting to talk

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    General CommentDuring all the social interactions between people everyday, no one really gives a shit about what the other person is saying and is just looking for an opportunity to interject their own opinion. People don't talk in order to learn about whoever they're talking to, or to reach some mutual understanding, they just want to go off on their own tangent, like two lines going infinitely in opposite directions, or parallel lines that are similar to each other but will never cross and "agree" at a point.
    In the end, we just seem like machines designed to propagate our own opinions (and this is going beyond the song, but our genes as well.)

    The subject of this song sees this, and quietly keeps to himself. Other people don't understand this (he seems "kinda creepy") and he is something of a loner ("he's not really linking himself with the rest").

    He certainly is so much more intriguing than most other people to me... living in his mind, avoiding the endless loop of blabbering people are locked into... this song is so unbelievably brilliant.

    This website is a perfect example of what Andrew's talking about, which means it's time for me to stop writing and go do some more reading :P.
    vickevlaron February 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commentvickevlar,

    Two things..
    1, I loved your analysis.
    and 2, your closing statement made me laugh.
    abitwhimsicalon September 07, 2008   Link

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