"Flying On The Ground Is Wrong" as written by and Neil Young....
Is my world not falling down,
I'm in pieces on the ground,
And my eyes aren't open,
And I'm standing on my knees.
But if crying and holding on,
And flying on the ground is wrong,
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town.
And I miss you.

Turn me up or turn me down,
Turn me off or turn me round.
I wish I could have,
Met you in a place,
Where we both belong.
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town.
And I miss you.

Sometimes I feel,
Like I'm just a helpless child,
Sometimes I feel like a kid.
But baby, since I have changed,
I can't take nothing home.

City lights at a country fair,
Never shine but always glare.
If I'm bright enough to see you,
You're just too dark to care.
But if crying and holding on,
And flying on the ground is wrong,
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town.
And I miss you.

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"Flying on the Ground Is Wrong" as written by Neil Young

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Flying On The Ground Is Wrong song meanings
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    General Commentshame theirs no comments. . .

    i was listening to this song and i was wondering if it was about being high on drugs that depress you, 'downers', compaired to being high on uppers that make you feel really happy and good. normaling when you high, you 'flying in the sky', not the ground. also he makes many refrences to being down, low, in peices. . . "Is my world not falling down"

    or maybe hes warning someone that downers aren't fun and to go back to physedelics and uppers. "But you're from my side of town".

    anyone else get what im saying??
    anyone else have any other views or actually know whats its about?
    drummer4844on March 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentpersonally i think its about not letting go of a girl that onced loved you. his world is falling down because the girl left her, but hes still holding on to her. flying on the ground may mean hes still swept away by her, but needs to let go and cant, so hes flying but still on the ground(her).

    i dont think the upper and downer analogy is very valid. an upper just exhibits an excitatory response to the nervous system while downers produce an inhibitory response. alcohol is a physiologically a "downer" but does not depress most ppl, at least if theyre not already depressed. nicotine is physiologically an upper, but it relaxes most ppl. neither term has anything to do with an emotional response; who would ever take a drug that makes you depressed and sad? anyways uppers and downers is just a product of the gross misinformation from dare and society on drugs.

    thats not to say your views totally wrong. he could be singing about a drug he cant stop using, but has gotten to the point where he definitely should stop. its not as if noone in the band didnt use drugs or wrote songs about them, but to me this doesnt seem to be one of them.
    scottjefferieson March 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNeil young said this song is about being high and if you aren't then you'll never understand him. "Flying on the ground is wrong" because when you're high you're in the sky so if you're on the ground you won't get someone thats high up.
    narut03on August 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI definitely think it has to do with him missing a girl from his old life, but probably because she is conservative and from the country and he has his city life now, which includes "flying on the ground" (aka LSD, etc.) and she cannot accept it. Neil Young, who I think wrote this, is from Manitoba, and there is a lot of country and very little city up there.
    ethan94516on February 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentNeil Young wrote it and was actually born in Ontario, living in Toronto and other places in ON, including the country, until his parents divorced, and he went with his mother to Winnipeg, Alberta. Alberta's mostly country, but it cool to note that not only did Neil come from Winnipeg, so did Joni Mitchell and Randy Bachman of the Guess Who. and they all knew each other. Neil has credited watching Bachman play in Winnipeg as an influence to his style. This song came out in 1966 and in the following year it was released as a single by the Guess Who, Randy Bachman's band.
    twarn85on January 10, 2014   Link

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