His life had become perpetually incomplete, there was always something missing.
73% of the population were involved in some form of recall stabilisation program to compensate for unquantifiable consciousness anomalies.
Unlike most people, he new exactly where he'd find the answers.
For fourteen years he'd lived and worked inside the Euronic layer outside the Mandalay belt, some six hundred miles from the source.

He'd always known the forbidden zone had been just that, forbidden, and yet he could contain his curiosity on longer.
There would be no more internalised debates, the decision had been made.
He would enter the forbidden zone.

I know you'll say that your time here is short and you'll pay.
You wait all day for the chance to arrive, it's too late.
By the time I arrive here, ready to begin, I will, I will.

I'm on my own!

Who do you believe?
What he witnessed from the edge of the escarpment was incomprehensible and yet it made perfect sense.
A euphoric wave rushed through his mind, affecting every thought and emotion he had ever experienced.
A thousand realisations, so complex they tore at the fabric of consciousness itself.
It was a reality that could not possibly exist.
The fight for his mind had begun.

I know you'll say that your time here is short and you'll pay.
You wait all day for the chance to arrive, it's to late.
By the time I arrive here, ready to begin, I will stay!
I am always on my own, I'm always on my own.

You are on your own again, killing time.

I am always on my own.
I'm always on my own, I'm always on my own.
Shelter yourselves against the mass parade, shelter yourselves against the masquerade.

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    General CommentI personally think this is the best COG song ever made.
    It's beautiful, and really makes me think about everything.

    The piece is probably about a post-nuclear-winter-style age of Government tyranny, for example, in which most of the remaining population are living inside some safe zone that the Government are keeping them inside, and are being forced to undertake a...possibly a memory wiping or soothing program?

    Anyway, I think there is an individual workman, who had worked inside this 'safe zone' for as long as he could remember, and he has seen beyond the Government smokescreen and realised there is more to life than the place he is.

    Long comment...relatively short...I think he has exited this 'safe zone' through this 'forbidden zone' and ventured out into the world that the Government had shielded everybody from.

    PERFECT movie script, and although similar to 'The Island', that movie sucked and this would make a better one.
    demon_of_the_fallon August 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentagreed with demon of the fall.

    if any of you guys are doing journey's for english, this is a ripper of a supplementary text.

    i believe it is set in the future, when government deceit for control has become even more fucked up than it is today.

    As cog is (or has recently become) a band based around propagandist ideas, i believe this song targets the government and its corruption of politics to control a population.

    It confronts the idea of venturing to the new aswell, with the source being symbolic of the truth, discovery and self realisation, put on a pedestal by the government naming it the forbidden zone.

    the chorus sums up his internal debates, wondering if he should venture free and strive for individuality, or just fit in like the rest of them.

    i reckon a lot of this song can be applied to the common day beliefs, exploring the deeper idea of taking risks, and living life to the full and not living in the shadow of self doubt.

    i love cog.
    dranemanon August 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI wonder what the name of the song refers to?
    surfnuton May 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMy interpretation of the song title has always been of Einstein's reference to time being like a river. Whatever it is, the title fits perfect to the song!
    itdoesntmatteron April 25, 2010   Link

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