sugar 'n spikes 'n neon lights
'n walks 'n lights 'n chains coughin' smoke whoopin' hope
Cardinal sky rush by falls bark in dark
Fall back in dark
Pies steam stale shoes move broom 'n pale
Moon in uh dime store sale
Sugar 'n spikes 'n everything nice 'n everything nice 'n crazy
That's what little worlds are made of lady
I'm paid up in home in 'm new Friday's house
There's no H on my faucet there's no bed for m' mouse
My punch 'n grow mind in diamond back time
Now it's king for uh day with my lady look fine
Got m' peakin' up hat 'n my caramel mask
Tremelo car got m' speidel wrist round m' honey
Goin' t' see the navy blue vicar
Paul Peter 'n misses wray flicker

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Sugar 'N Spikes song meanings
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    General CommentIt's about living in a big city. One day you're making hundreds of dollars (sugar), the next you're being robbed by some punks(spikes). It's about riding the big city life like a cowboy rides a bull.
    Ex Abruptoon January 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTtsabout: urban/cosmopolitan multiplicity, the joy therein, against the classical logic of either/or & for the postmodern logic of and/and/and/and.

    Seen thru beefheart eyes, the city becomes and sprawling collage w/ neon lights stapled to faucets glued to smoke, the city becomes a ramshackle symphony where chevy's warble tremolo spiedel's(wristwatch) & whoopin' coughs punctuate a diamondback(snake)'s time signature. In this collage, bad mixes with good, sugar mixes with spike, and one can inhale the full variety of existence.
    If Beefheart is an absurdist/surealist, because he mixes and matches disparate images & sounds, guided by his subconscious dameon, well then, so does the city, powered by its libidinal economy.

    Like an octopus, nothing escapes postcapitalist urbanity's tentacles: the moon is for sale in a dime store.
    Instead of church, vicars, peter, paul, matt, luke & john the people congregate in darkness at the cinema, where images are spliced onto images, & the flick that is playing seems to be king kong, starring "misses" fay wray (so the city is probably nyc).
    KubalahtKoalaon May 01, 2010   Link

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