it’s crazy the way things change on the daily
amazing that babies even make it to eighteen
cos lately the same things have kept me up waiting
if you’re alive but forsaken and you drive when it’s raining
your entire life’s arrangement is breaking into pieces
fly your Prius over the median and you can’t believe it
the impact loud, glass cracked, you blacked out
you’re covered in glass now, eyes shut not passed out
your clothes are soaked, almost comatose
car windows closed but you were thrown to the road
your head started bleeding, it’s getting hard breathing
think, “I hope people see me on such a dark evening”
your legs lost feeling but there’s nothing to do
you hear someone screaming and you wonder if it’s you
then a whispered noise comes from the center of your head
in a sinister voice, this is what it said

I’ve been watching you, stalking you since you walked to school
In your dreams it’s me you see, I’m the one haunting you
I wear no costume when I walk up on you
I’ll leave you wheezing, tubes in your nostrils
impossible? that’s not true, don’t know who you’re talking to?
hospitals respond to you after I’ve conquered you
I’m responsible for Biggie and Pac Amaru
I’m Death, the fallen angel, the son unprodigal

roll over to the shoulder, let your neck direct your head
your hands are getting colder as they press against cement
start to sweat, Death’s breath on your neck
you ever imagine what’d happen when you’re next?
are lists being kept? will your name arrive soon?
will the side of the parkway be the site of your tomb?
you’d like to know soon as you see sirens spin
a mother shudders, covers eyelids of kids
they can’t handle this ambulance at the accident
the captain’s asking, “how did this happen?”
you want a doctor not this awkward talking cop
asking your name and you can’t move your jaw
ambulance is rushing, paramedics running
EMTs yelling, “support his head for concussion”
all of a sudden, you’re up on a rack
the doors are thrown open and you’re thrust in the back

bleeding through the sheets, attempt apologies
stutter out a muttered, “all the blood, I’m sorry”
sharp turns hurt your spine, trying to sleep on the drive
but this guy keeps shining this light in your eyes
“how many fingers is this?” you think you see six
try to sign a release slip but you can’t even read it
just think of all the secrets that could die with you
never leave your mind if your life is through
look around the place, you’re surrounded by people
IVs in your veins but you don’t feel the needles
vision gets blurry, your hearing stops working,
your toes and fingers get a tingling and burning
an amazing sensation, cold turns into warm
close your eyes, see yourself back when you’re four

christmas morning, unwrapping gifts
your picture frame family was so happy to live
remember the weather on those snowed in days
the smell of summer, and the way winter tastes
Little League games, childhood limelight
mom’s warm embrace and dad’s smiling high fives
the stories they read each night before bed
the money they gave so you could go out with friends
the school year’s end, the sound of that bell
the first day of summer and the way it all felt
your best friend in first grade, your favorite birthday
backseat to the movies, they drove you on your first date
everything you knew that you could never forget
never regret, with just a few seconds left
there’s a tunnel ahead with a light at the end
last chance to repent as your feet take their steps
no one likes to leave, it never feels right
but as your mind winds down, it’s silent and white

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