one night can make all the difference
hung by a string of quick decisions
it’s just for fun, it’s just this once
until the day breaks and you don’t wake up

d slick:
three lonely girls walk under the sunshine
middle class suburb, their futures all shine bright
laugh instead of cry, seem to sleep soundly most nights
last year of junior high, they’re bored with their whole lives
they hear about this feeling that no one can describe
paradise full of meaning and a feeling you can fly
a pill you swallow and makes you feel all right
floating and high, freedom for a full night
they meet a dealer who says they’ll be sky high
three for sixty, it’ll change up their whole lives
they walk to his house cos they’re too young to drive
excited to find that he’s ready inside
they trade cash for the chance at instant bliss
and run through the streets where they once ran as kids
and they swallow the bottle and impatiently wait
one nervously states, “I promise this’ll be great”
they let the music play as they awkwardly pace
and just give it a minute to let reality fade

they sit in a room with their parents upstairs
dreaming and sleeping, completely unaware
the girls tell jokes they know aren’t funny
want the feeling so bad, they laugh at nothing
and hugging and touching and running and jumping
it feels like real life is always interrupting
as they feel the effects of the X setting in
each sees new sides in the best of her friends
for two it’s euphoria, third’s a nightmare
as the advertised utopia never appears
the mirrors just shake alongside the walls
she loses her sense between the real and the false
she stumbles and mutters, she needs an adult
the two don’t pay attention cos they can’t get caught
her head starts to spin but her body’s in place
situations won’t change when sensations remain
the clock keeps winding deep into the night
her sense of consequence tick-tocks in her mind
she falls to the floor, she asks a last time
“I need a doctor” “just sleep it off, you’ll be fine”

d slick:
the next morning two girls awake feeling terrible
bodies feel faint, no escape, unrepairable
hours go by, they realize something’s not right
they freak out, and scream in incredulous cries
not wanting to admit what the evidence implies
poke their friend, but she won’t open her eyes
they finally call their mom and rush to the hospital
hook up an IV but saving her is impossible
they say complications caused this tragedy
explain that mistake to her friends and family
sometimes your high needs a little gravity
or the consequences end up too sad to see
maybe the danger of drugs is worse than perceived
not only in inner cities but on suburban streets
now the dealer’s in jail, two girls dropped out
only in eighth grade, what do they do now?
hard drugs and shattered fate took place of potential
everyone feels the guilt, no one worse than her friends will
so who’s to blame, who here will take fault?
it’s hard to say, the only thing clear is the result

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