we love them, we hate them
magazines degrade them, kids imitate them
they’re beautiful faces raising our children
a snap shot smile now they’re making their millions

the audience...
we spend our money, study their stories
does it give us something, are our lives that boring?
imitate their image, their material habits
cos somehow they’re different with their celebrity status

we constantly watch them, follow the narrative
read about their problems, believe in their marriages
say that we hate it, pretend not to love it
pictures in public, celebrity coverage
it sucks us in so we think it means something
instead of seeking justice, we read this rubbish
each week it’s new meat, another discussion
we read and move on past J. Lo’s husbands
heartbreaks and warnings, hard days and mornings
our days are boring so relate to their stories
it’s a little awkward and we know we should be embarrassed
like watching Oprah with Katie Holmes’ parents
we thought it was a stunt til the day she got pregnant
it’s what we’re all thinking, but no one is saying it
he brainwashed her from that Dawson’s Creek setting
now she’s set to play wife in his shotgun wedding

I called Jude Law’s nanny to score a signed poster
right over Julia Roberts on a promo for Closer
she said the role was stolen, but left to talk to Jude
and passed the phone back to Hugh Grant’s prostitute
I asked her actively, what is Love, Actually?
a stack of twenties and Hugh in the backseat?
girls think this guy is acting? please raise the pedestal
every movie he’s made, the role is identical
Brad and Angelina photos, rumor reporting
he leaves his wife but they write up a love story
Lindsay Lohan hasn’t eaten since Mean Girls’ release
hobos giving her food like, “you need it more than me”
Paris’s home movie left her publicly embarrassed
bounced back with a marriage to a guy named Paris
the ferris wheel spins and we keep on watching
it’s fun to see people knee deep in their problems

Destiny’s Child, where do we begin?
is this the same group that made Independent Women?
you spoke to Surivors, provided a message
now cater to who? do laundry to teach lessons?
girls follow your image, now it’s getting sickening
what are you thinking? sing without listening
they’re 10 years old trying to be Bootylicious
you were what was missing and now you’re just ridiculous
giving life to stereotypes with every shake your ass chorus
four minutes of poison, the threat level is orange
and who’s fault is it that children follow you
everyday is Halloween in their prostitute costumes
and the boys disrespect them since they heard your record
but shouldn’t the parents show parental discretion?
adults are as guilty of following the famous
so the cycle repeats til we ignore the pretty faces

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