we’re all too busy to see problems we’re facing
starvation numbers in impoverished nations
think of everyone you’ve ever met in your life
gotta be in the thousands, probably around five
if that sounds right, times five to find the rate
25,000 people starve to death each day
people don’t get what we have as consumers
the markets are ours to direct and maneuver
if the diamonds you’re buying are killing the children
you’re accessory in the murder of millions
if a person has morals but is turning them off
you’re starting the cycle like the Nuremburg Laws
would you buy a killer a knife, gun for a convict?
why do you pump money into the midst of a conflict?
free economy, spoiled rotten with options
it’s up to you to choose if you’re part of problem

these things don’t happen in the nation we live in
we won’t take note cos their religion is different
skin’s darker in pigment so it’s harder to care
their burden is one we’d prefer not to bear

uncomfortable with living in our class divisions?
try being an untouchable in the Indian caste system
if that doesn’t get the blood rush to your spine
imagine apartheid, or living in genocide
it’s hard to accept so we just turn away
easy to forget events in Darfur today
think that we’re progressing amidst all the tension?
religious conflicts turned into ethnic cleansings
the UN’s got plans to save these people
before it develops to Rwanda the sequel
two million homes gone with no purposed intention
and we still think it’s not worth our attention?
people are killing, no room for justice
children are willing to pay dues for nothing
if it were our kids we’d be up in action
but it’s over there so we pretend it hasn’t happened

the German Holocaust makes me sick to my stomach
and the US knew about it but just wouldn’t touch it
cos we were already guilty of genocide
when we marched the Native Americans through the countryside
but the Trail of Tears here was just the beginning
Smallpox blankets, so-called righteous Christians sinning
think it’s in the name of God, that’s all a crock
they did it in the name of the white race, what a shock
now they enforce racist laws with a nine and a glock
keep blacks on the block dealing government crack rocks
this shit is too big for just a verse or a song
so we just scratching the surface of what’s going on
cos you’re kept in the dark, like skin you’re taught to hate
either think it’s fixed or it’s too late to make a change
if you listen to this track but take nothing away
then indifference and ignorance are one and the same

this stuff is what the history books won’t publish
and what we don’t see in the media coverage
it’s covered with cluster bombs that didn’t explode
that kids find in alleys outside of their homes
they draw with the crayons images that they witness
the plane drop was way off so pictures is sickening
is this a method to avoid asking question
like why is kids disfigured to find chemical weapons?
we get in our heads that there’s no second guessing
but step back and ask if the threat is that threatening
now the west is sensing the need for attention
destroy the city and setup an election
create a candidate, a puppet government
photo op the handshake, direct the news coverage
the public loves it and eats it right up
believe in what we see when we keep our eyes shut

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