"A Little Bit Of Abuse" as written by and Davies....
One on the nose, one on the chin,
You bruise so easy, so why stay with him?
He uses you just like a human punching bag.
But you don't complain, you're too scared to speak.
Anyway, it only really hurts you when you laugh,
And when you eat.
But you can't break the pattern, week after week.
The bruises show,
But he must be special otherwise you'd just get up and go.
You'll never let us know
Exactly how you feel.
What's the use, the cynics say it's no excuse,
You keep running back just to get a little bit of abuse.
You say it's okay,
But I say that it's not right.
You wind him up, but you're living in fear,
You keep going back but it ends in tears, oh.

That's quite a cut on the side of your head.
Is it from his fist, or did you really fall out of bed?
Oh, so uncouth,
Excuse me, is this your tooth?
Why do you stay, no one knows.
Do you really love him, or are you too scared to go?
You're always nervous and on the edge of tears.
You cry alone,
But you never tell us what it's like when you get back home.
No one will ever know
Because you never show.
What's the use,
Everyone says you've got no excuse,
You keep running back just to get a little bit of abuse.
You say it's okay,
But I say that it's not right.
Oh, it's your secret, it's your life, who am I to criticize?
It takes two sides to know it's true,
And maybe, he'll stay in love with you.
No one will ever know,
Because you never show.

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    General CommentIts a great song, and to all the people who are being abused, it helps them and gives them support and maybe encourages them to get help.
    Talieon May 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's a great song and I think it takes a sarcastic view of the people who continue to stay in abusive relationships. It seems as though the author is putting the blame for this ongoing situation on the female who continues to go back to her abusive boyfriend/husband.
    Phadedjadedon August 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is a very sad song but a bit simplistic.

    Ray gives the impression that it would be easy for a women (or man, plenty of men are victims in abusive relationships) to leave an abusive partner. Unfortunately, emotions are very complex and the inexplicable reason that someone stays with a bastard can be a result of Stockholm syndrome.

    As well as the refuge for battered partners, there should be tougher penalties/jail sentences for perpetrators and therapy offered to victims to assist them in overcoming the effects of Stockholm Syndrome.
    BarnabyHugheson November 04, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThis is a very sad song and I don't get the impression that Ray is blaming the woman, just lamenting the fact that she won't accept his help and support and help in regards to her abusive relationship.

    There should be tough custodial sentences for all perpetrators of domestic violence.
    BarnabyHugheson January 02, 2018   Link

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